Well how about that……..

New fella over at Fraser Mayor just sent out this email to all of the city council critters. Check out the post by clicking the link down below.

Also being one of my fav movies is Tombstone and Matt wants to leave

( I will have an announcement next week on what Mr Tocco said about Ann Arbor)


from: Joseph Tocco

to: mikec@micityoffraser.com,
Yvette Foster ,
Kathy Blanke ,
Joseph Nichols ,
Patrice Schornak ,
BJ VanFleteren ,
George Rouhib ,
Kelly Dolland ,

date: Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 5:43 PM

subject: Good Afternoon

I wanted to introduce myself as one of the new administrators for Fraser Mayor. My name is Joseph Tocco and as a resident on and off of this city for over 35 years I’m glad we have a forum like this.

Here is my first entry of what I hope to be many more.

If You Want To Leave So Bad

I would really like your thoughts being I thought that last meeting a damn disgrace. I can’t believe I have voted for some of you over the years. Really amazing some of you children made it to adulthood.

I would end this with sincerely but I can’t do that honestly.