Bourbon On The Rocks

Thayrone X In The House

Bourbon On The Rocks is cocked, locked and ready to rock into the weekend on this Friday, April-28-2017.

* Duke welcomes Mr. Thayrone X of “On The Edge with Thayrone” heard Mon-Fri 3pm to 6pm on WAAM RADIO ( and FTR) and he talks about Pres. Trump’s first 100 DAYS. Thayrone was a early supporter of the President and gives his take on how POTUS 45 is doing.

* Also another stellar THIS DAY IN HISTORY where Mussolini is brought up and a preview of some of the fun things coming up on next weeks show.

* Plus don’t forget to check out Bourbon On The Rocks on WAAM 1600 A.M. radio tomorrow morning at 6am and also here at FTR Radio.