Bourbon On The Rocks….Mission 22

Reach Out.

Bourbon On The Rocks is geared up for Wednesday April-19-2017 and the plate is full.

*First up Duke talks about a TWEET that Katie Pavlich put out about veterans committing suicide at a rate of 20 a day. Please check out Mission 22 and find out how you can help in any way possible.

* Steve Stephens who killed Robert Godwin on Easter Sunday ended up Killing Himself in Erie, Pa. A sharp McDonalds employee helped alert police to his presence and Duke wants McDonalds now.

* Fraser Mayor has a new post and it is a video that you just need to watch. Time to start holding those who have supported people like Joe Nichols accountable. Just watch the video over at and see if this type of behavior is something you are comfortable with.

Plus THIS DAY IN HISTORY and much more on BOTR 0n FTR