Q With A View 145

In Episode 145 of “Q with a View,” Jason is back and – not only that – he and Susie are doing the show together, as in sitting right next to each other! Yes, Jason stopped off for a visit on his way back from his college reunion. He and Susie chat about his travels and their visit. Susie recounts her recent harrowing float trip. They congratulate the Penguins on their Stanley Cup, and lament the sorry state of the National League Central – where NO team seems to want to take the lead. And Susie gives her review of David McCullough’s “1776.” They’re joined by special guest Congressman Trey Hollingsworth, who represents Indiana’s 9th District. Congressman Hollingsworth shares the reasons he wanted to go to Washington, what he’s found since he’s arrived, why he supports term limits and the positive steps Congress is taking via the CHOICE Act and the POLICE Act. Susie and Jason then discuss the fallout from James Comey’s testimony last week and look forward to Jeff Sessions’ testimony. It’s a great show – be sure to listen and then share the link!!

Are you watching tonights POTUS debate between Trump & Clinton?

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