Secretary Of State Says………….


Look at what happens when you ask people in the know as opposed to formerly elected officials who don’t know much.

After some very interesting stories floating around placed by some not so honest people, I decided to ask the Secretary Of State if there were any restrictions on collecting signatures anywhere in the HAMLET.

S.O.S does run elections in the state. They might have a clue.

Here is what I wrote……………

Good Afternoon,

I am part of a recall petition that is in the process of gathering signatures here in Fraser, Michigan. We have been collecting signatures all throughout the city and I was wondering if there are any “Restricted” areas that we can not set up to have signatures gathered.

Specifically, we set up in the park next to city hall over the weekend. We contacted the county election officials who said that was not an issue but they suggested we confirm this with S.O.S.

Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.


Here is the response…………………………….

Mr. LaDuke,


Thank you for contacting our office with your question.   Election law does not speak specifically to where someone can circulate other than to prohibit collection within 100 feet of polling entrances on election day.  Circulators need to consult local ordinances, road commission rules, etc. and seek permission from the landowners.


Carol Pierce

Election Specialist, Election Liaison Division

Bureau of Elections, Secretary of State

800-292-5973    517-373-2540

Just as I said.

So once again just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s shows who is serious about the process in this city and who is spinning their wheels.