Bourbon On The Rocks

Gods Speed Officer Weathers

Bourbon On The Rocks 300th EPISODE is up and rocking for Feb-14-2018 and this is what is on tap.

* Another Detroit Police officer died in the line of duty yesterday. Officer Darren Weathers was killed on a training exercise in the city. Another grim reminder of the heavy burden first responders have. The Detroit News has the story here.

* Erica Hammell and her son Wyatt made a BIG leap yesterday. The bill named after Wyatt to help track those that harm children PASSED the State Senate committee to go to the floor for a vote. Wyatt’s law has a long road to go and this is a great first step and Duke talks about what you can do to help Erica get this passed.

* Paczki Coney was tried from American Coney and it was DELICIOUS. Duke talks about what he and AMERICAS PLUMBER conquered on Fat Tuesday in Detroit and beyond.

All this PLUS a great THIS DAY IN HISTORY and much more for BOTR on FTR.