Bourbon On The Rocks

PPP Post Gets A Double Facepalm

Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday APRIL 2nd is not fooling around. Mostly because we do that on April 1st. Today’s show contains THIS….

* Duke goes over his article that was posted yesterday at Red State called He Is Risen Vs The Alternative. which goes over why he believes Jesus did rise from the grave.

* Also Little Caesars does a stellar promo for a number 16 seed taking down a number 1 in March Madness. Plus Michigan faves off against Villanova tonight for the national championship.

* PPP is back with a nonsensical post ( does he do any other kind) and blames Duke for something he did not know about. So that means DRAMATIC MUSIC time is about to happen.

All this and your favorite segment THIS DAY IN HISTORY plus more on BOTR on FTR.