Bourbon On The Rocks: Bring On The Campaign #843

7 Days


Bourbon On The Rocks is rocking and rolling into the second week of September-9-2019 with all this…

* Duke gets a compliment on his WAAM Radio 1600 A.M & 92.7 F.M. show in Ann Arbor and reads it in a dramatic voice.

* The campaign of Fraser 2019 begins now that Rich Haberman and his gal pal are walking the streets. What nifty literature are they leaving for you to read?

* Dave Dombowski was let go from the Red Sox early this morning. BRING HIM BACK TO DETROIT.

* The debate rages on about new business in town. How will this all shake out?

All this plus a sprinkling of more stuff on Bourbon On The Rocks for today on FTR.