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Bourbon On The Rocks Interview With Amy Baranski -


Duke sits down with a candidate for the Fraser City Council Amy Baranski to talk about her view of where the city is and what she feels she could do if elected. Topics discussed include…

*Her view of the public votes and ultimate council vote on PA-33

*Would she vote on a PSO contract if her husband ( who is currently a Public Saftey Officer) is still employed by the city.

*What the state of the parks and the senior housing building are in her opinion and what could be done.

Bourbon On The Rocks Interview With Patrice Schornak -


Duke sits down with Councilperson Patrice Schornak of Fraser, Michigan to talk about what has been done the last 4 years she has been on council and what she would like to do the next 4 years. Topics discussed include…

* The vote to remove her former colleagues.

*Why she felt the need for a tax increase and how it affected her pocketbook.

*Water rates.

*What she would like done the next 4 years.

Bourbon On The Rocks: How About Those Refs #853 -

Oh sure, blame us for your team sucking since 1957!!


Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday October-21-2019 is chatting about this…

* Only 15 days left to talk about the election here in Fraser. Have you done your part?

* Duke watched the Lions 4th quarter yesterday after a CONTROVERSIAL loss the week before. Typical Lions.

* Nancy Pelosi is overseas and will she find what she is looking for?

All this and a lil bit more on BOTR on FTR

Bourbon On The Rocks: Never Underestimate Your Opposition #852 -


Bourbon On The Rocks to wrap up the week for Friday Oct-18-2019 has all this going on…

*Duke is talking about the upcoming election here, how write-in candidates work and nothing about bike lanes.

*The mess in Washington has a lot of people calling the opposition stupid. Never underestimate your opponent or they will stomp you into a mud hole.

*Plus a minor sneak peek of something that might happen.

All this and MORE for BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks: Nancy Pelosi Blinked #851 -

Nancy Does Not Want To Play This Game Anymore.


Bourbon On The Rocks for Wednesday Oct-16-2019 has Duke talking about all this…

*Nancy Pelosi blinked on going forward with an impeachment vote. Who gave her the bad info and will they make it through the end of the year? Duke explains.

*Does anyone care enough to do a welfare check on Barbara Jennings? She has not been heard from and she usually always defends her lil dickey.

*LeBron James is smart enough to hire good people to help him with his off-court career. However, his latest comments about people not being smart enough when it comes to criticizing the Chinese are plain Dumb. Duke plays audio and laughs.

Also, a new drop from lost Rockford file audition and a lil more on this week’s BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon Special: Fraser Senior Housing Edition. -

Rich Haberman says there was NOTHING TO SEE HERE about moving money around.



Bourbon Special covers the mess of what was done over at Senior Housing and why this matters before the November election.

Also, read what I’m talking about right here Why Was Richard Haberman Taking Money Out Of Fraser Senior Housing?

Bourbon On The Rocks: Doing The Right Thing #851 -


Bourbon On The Rocks is a shorter version today. Duke goes over what to expect in the next Red State installment tomorrow and what to expect if Haberman gets elected.

Doing the right thing is more important than getting awards.

Bourbon On The Rocks: Steve Kerr Is An Idiot #850 -


Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday-Oct-11 has some local and national mixed in…

*What happened at last night’s council meeting? Duke plays his apology to councilperson “Cant trust the numbers” and comments on candidates for council solid point.

*Is Nancy Pelosi playing both sides of the Impeachment debacle?

*Steve Kerr from the NBA said one of the dumbest things ever uttered. Duke goes over it and points out why this guy is a moron.

Also, what does the host find so damn funny?

All this and more for BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks: Where Is The Quo In The Quid-Pro? #849 -


Bourbon On The Rocks for Wed-Oct-9-2019 is pondering this…

*Duke wrote an article over at Red State entitled Where Was The “Favor” Granted In The Trump-Ukraine Quid-Pro-Quo Story? and he is wondering why people are not asking more questions. Listen to the breakdown.

*Also maybe the reason why Barbara Jennings has not been responding to articles about the mess the city was left in when Richard Haberman left is that she is trying to hide his secret identity.

*Lastly, Duke has **possibly** obtained audio of the Heartbreak Kid celebrating his wedding anniversary last night.

Check it all out right here on BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks: Burning Money In Fraser Edition #848 -


Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday October-7-2019 is laughing about…

*Re-Establishing Fiscal Responsibility

Duke goes over his latest article over at Red Stae called… City Of Fraser Had ‘Deficiencies’ In Its 2015 Audit Report. What Were They? and why this matters.

People always complain about politicians being incompetent or corrupt in Washington D.C. yet where did they learn how to do this? Locally.