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Bourbon On The Rocks -


Bourbon On The Rocks for the FIRST DAY OF MAY is talking about the White House correspondents dinner and a new post over at Fraser Mayor

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Thayrone X In The House

Bourbon On The Rocks is cocked, locked and ready to rock into the weekend on this Friday, April-28-2017.

* Duke welcomes Mr. Thayrone X of “On The Edge with Thayrone” heard Mon-Fri 3pm to 6pm on WAAM RADIO ( and FTR) and he talks about Pres. Trump’s first 100 DAYS. Thayrone was a early supporter of the President and gives his take on how POTUS 45 is doing.

* Also another stellar THIS DAY IN HISTORY where Mussolini is brought up and a preview of some of the fun things coming up on next weeks show.

* Plus don’t forget to check out Bourbon On The Rocks on WAAM 1600 A.M. radio tomorrow morning at 6am and also here at FTR Radio.

Bourbon On The Rocks….Free Speech Is Dead? -


Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday April-27-2017 is gearing up for for a fight….and it might involve food.

* First up Duke has an opinion piece that is out over at Press & Guide about the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline. This pipeline already exits and is going to be improved, so what is the problem?

* Ann Coulter had to cancel her speech at Berkeley for today. She felt that her safety was at risk. Duke wonders if free Speech is dead in 2017 America.

Also after a brief visit to city hall on Wednesday the host of this show is dismayed that 3 council people are allowed to gum up everything because they are angry.


Bourbon On The Rocks -


Bourbon On The Rocks for Wednesday April-26-2017 simply goes over your civic responsibility.

After the Fraser City Council first budget meeting Duke asks the residents PLEASE WATCH the meeting. This is critical for you to see who has taken the time to tackle some serious issues and hwo is just blowing hot air.

You watch and decide for yourself

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Cluster F&^% Time In The Hamlet

Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday April-25-2017 has Duke feeling ANGSTY and that is never a bad thing.

President Trump cracks a joke talking to the astronauts aboard the ISS. Was this funny or not?

WILL THE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN!?!??! On Friday the federal goverment legally can no longer borrow money to run the goverment. Will the GOP led Congress and the President come together to avoid a shutdown? does a shutdown even matter?

Fraser budget time has arrived and the first budget meeting is tonight. What will happen? Duke has a theory that the polling that was done back in March was a residual from last years budget debacle. Here are the poll results from March

Also this Day In History and MUCH MORE.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Maxxine ready To Roll

Bourbon On The Rocks For Monday April-24-2017

Bourbon On The Rocks -

This Is A Business Meeting DAMMIT

Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday April-21-2017 was NOT live on FTR Radio being sunspots screwed us up but it is here for you NOW.

Today Duke focuses on the pure idiocy of the person who sits in the center square. The budget is coming up and Fraser better be prepared. A mess is in the making and listen to the guy who is in the middle in how he handles ANY mild criticism.

Listen and make up your own mind

Bourbon On The Rocks -

The Factor With Tomi Coming Soon

The Thursday April-20-2017 version of Bourbon On The Rocks is getting into trouble. Really.

* Duke is talking about why Bill O Reilly is out at Fox News and why Tucker Carlson has a impressive voodoo doll collection to move up as quick as he does.

* Also now that a “alleged” sexual predator like O Reilly is gone should we be concerned about this behavior on the local level? Could these types of charges be leveled at someone locally here in the Hamlet? You bethca.

* Aaron Hernandez killed himself in jail and wrote a bible verse on his forehead. TMZ Sports has the creepy story here.

All this of course THIS DAY IN HISTORY on BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks….Mission 22 -

Reach Out.

Bourbon On The Rocks is geared up for Wednesday April-19-2017 and the plate is full.

*First up Duke talks about a TWEET that Katie Pavlich put out about veterans committing suicide at a rate of 20 a day. Please check out Mission 22 and find out how you can help in any way possible.

* Steve Stephens who killed Robert Godwin on Easter Sunday ended up Killing Himself in Erie, Pa. A sharp McDonalds employee helped alert police to his presence and Duke wants McDonalds now.

* Fraser Mayor has a new post and it is a video that you just need to watch. Time to start holding those who have supported people like Joe Nichols accountable. Just watch the video over at and see if this type of behavior is something you are comfortable with.

Plus THIS DAY IN HISTORY and much more on BOTR 0n FTR

Extra Shot Of Bourbon… 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know -

John Hawkins New Book

John Hawkins of Right Wing News, Town Hall has a brand new book out to help the youngsters in the world avoid some of the mistakes the older folks have made.

101 Things All Young Adults Should Know is filled with lessons that adults of all ages need to be as successful as early in their life as possible. Duke talks with John about this informative book and also touches on John’s almost two decade career in social media and where Mr. Hawkins sees the future ahead for those in his business.

You can order the book here 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know