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Bourbon On The Rocks, hosted by Thomas LaDuke, is the flagship show on FTR Radio. Topics cover whatever subjects would come up while drinking your favorite adult beverage. Just like when you are imbibing, you never know what will come up.

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Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks Monday April 3-2017

Bourbon On The Rocks -


Bourbon On The Rocks is flying for this last day of March-31-2017.

Duke is talking about mayors OTHER than in the Hamlet namely the ones in Warren and Detroit and how much trouble they might being coming up

Bourbon On The Rocks -

The rebuilding begins

Bourbon is back for Thursday March 30-2017 and Duke is getting ready for the show debut on WAAM.

Also some turmoil up in Lansing has some in Fraser in a uproar about the sinkhole and whether the work will get a grant or a loan. Also joe Nichols once again pops up to say something kinda stupid.

All this and more for BOTR on FTR

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Don’t call Blossom a girl 

Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday March-28-2017 is now being served.

Duke goes over Warren Mayor James Fouts dosged a recall petition being approved yesterday.

Also Mayim Bialik says we should not call women, girls because we don’t call Men, boys. Duke explains why like Mayim does have a point by saying words have meaning, she might want to follow through on this idea.

Well so much for boys night out.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday March-27-2017 has a YUGE thing going on.


Bourbon On The Rocks is going to WAAM 1600 on Saturday Mornings at 6am starting this Saturday. Duke is joining the Waamily ( WAAM + Family) starting this Saturday for a F.C.C. friendly Bourbon On The Rocks and the sky is the limit. Mr Thayrone X of “On The Edge With Thayrone” joins Duke to talk about the add of BOTR to WAAM and why the Heart Attack grill in Vegas is really cool.

Also Tomi Lahren is back in the news. She has been “Banned Permanent” from The Blaze. Not fired but banned? Ok. That makes all the sense. Duke goes over Kurt Schlichter’s latest piece at Townhall and wonders who in the hell ever gave Tomi the mantle of leader?

All this and more for the last Monday in March version of BORE on FTR Radio

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks Friday March-24-2017

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday March-23-2017 is a shortened version.

Bourbon On The Rocks -


Bourbon On The Rocks for Wednesday March-22-2017 is ready to kick the week in the rear.

First up why is Al Franken still a jerk after all these years? The Neil Gorsuch hearing have shown us some things but have also reaffirmed that people like Franken…..

Also if you never want to run for office, should you be able to voice your opinion? Why is this even brought up EVER. Duke explains why and how.

All this PLUS This Day In History for BOTR on FTR

Bourbon On The Rocks…. Tomi Lahren Is Evil??? -

Buh Bye?

Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday March-21-2017 is on the air and talking about this….

* Tomi Lahren from The Blaze after shie says she is pro-abortion. Is this really warranted?

* After Duke posted a email to city council yesterday guess who is the ONLY ONE TO RESPOND? Also a new poll was started by a non citizen of Fraser being he felt bad that he had to join a group for free to vote.


Bourbon On The Rocks -

Maury Knows…now you do too

The results are in for this Monday March-20-2017 version of Bourbon On The Rocks and some will be happy……some will be sad.

THE RESULTS ARE IN and how did your fav city council person do? Read It Here

Duke goes over the results and what is coming up.

Also Tomi Lahren from the Blaze got in some hot water last friday on the View when she said she was Pro-Choice. Is she finished at the Blaze?

All this and more for BOTR on FTR