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Bourbon On The Rocks -

The Great Destroyer

Bourbon On The Rocks for the last day of Feb of 2017 is celebrating FAT TUESDAY.

Bourbon On The Rocks…Oscar Screw Up -


Bourbon On The Rocks is raising a glass to Hollywood and the Oscars for this Monday February-27-2017.

* First off 89th Academy Awards was last night and the Best Picture Awards goes toooooooooooo. Nope. WRONG PICTURE. How in the hell did they get they get the wrong picture announced for best pic? Duke plays the clip.

* What happens when a President Of The Untied States goes to dinner? Benny Johnson over at IJR was at dinner when President Trump came strolling in last Sat and penned Inside Trump’s Secret Dinner: A Side of the President You Don’t Ever See

* Over the weekend Metro Detroit lost a genuine decent guy in Ron Savage over at Fox 2, WJBK. Prayers and thoughts out to his family and friends over his passing.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks has Duke just offering commentary during President Donald J Trump’s speech to CPAC 2017

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Really…He Told People He Supports The Cops.

Bourbon On The Rocks is rolling for Thursday -Feb-23-2017.

Duke goes over his emails from the previous couple of days and explains what happens when you step in a pile of………

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks Wed-Feb-22-2017

Bourbon on The Rocks -


Bourbon On The Rocks is kicking it once again for Tuesday, February 21-2017

Bourbon On The Rocks -

When your Mayor and pals trash cops.

Bourbon On The Rocks is all Fraser being Unprofessional Joe is back at it being an ass and blaming others for it….AGAIN.

Joe and his crew think they demean the cops through the current towing provider. This is what happens when you elect unqualified people to office and Duke tees up on this.

Just listen.

Bourbon On The Rocks… Chuck Todd Is Cranky. -


Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday February-17-2017 is all over the joint. Not focused at all like Sean Spicer.

*First off Duke recalls that his buddy is getting married TOMORROW. Will his pal survive the cruise ship honeymoon?

*President Trump’s press conference yesterday was a live reality TV show plus media car wreck all wrapped up in one. How did the “legacy” media handle it? Duke breaks it down.

* Jay Caruso over at Red State wrote an article called With One Tweet, Chuck Todd Reveals The Truth About The Mainstream Media which calls out the Meet The Press host for not getting why the press is not respected. What happened when your humble host tweeted that to Chuck Todd?

*C-SPAN which is the greatest invention since sliced bread just posted a GREATEST OF ALL TIME PRESIDENTS EDITION.


All this and THIS DAY IN HISTORY and more random stuff to get you ready for your weekend.

Bourbon On The Rocks…Sally Kohn Gets Ripped -

Oh Sally…….You Are SILLY!!!!!!

Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday February-16-2017 is just packed with stuff about stuff.

* First up the always amusing ( non intentionally) Sally Kohn tweeted the above tweet yesterday and hilarity ensued. When will Sally and her pals get over the butt hurt of Hillary losing ( again) and always just being second fiddle to Bill? Will it be this century?

*Morning Joe’s very own version of Sally Kohn, Mika Brzezinski, made the announcement that Presidential adviser Kellyanne Connway is no longer allowed on the MSNBC gab fest. A.) Should Kellyann care? B.) Why does Mika fear Kellyann?

*Was recently revealed that Detroit Tigers owner Mike Ilitch, who just passed away had paid for civil rights icon Rosa Parks rent for 10 years after she was robbed. Mr I was truly a class act.

All this plus THIS DAY IN HISTORY and today’s version of Bourbon On The Rocks on FTR Radio.

Bourbon On The Rocks…Stone Cold Steve Austin STUNNER -

America……you had a good 241 year run.

Bourbon On The Rocks for Wednesday February-15-2017 kinda goes off the rails.

*First off Duke reads the above tweet about President Trump getting the Stone Cold Steve Austin Stunner and he CANT STOP LAUGHING about it. Why does he find that so funny?

*Also the Trump administration could be in DEEP TROUBLE now that the Russians have been revealed as communicating with Trump campaign officials during the campaign. Who is leaking this and will it damage the new administration.

*Kid Rock might run for Senate . Has he had a Stone Cold Steve Austin Stunner?

*Plus this DAY IN HISTORY and more. Listen to this episode or get the STONE COLD STUNNER like the people in the picture above.