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Bourbon On The Rocks.. St. Valentine Was Murdered Edition -


Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday February-14-2017 celebrates St. Valentines Day the only way Duke knows how… welcoming BASEBALL BACK.

*The Detroit Tigers pitcher and catchers report in Lakeland, Florida today which means that BASEBALL is right around the corner and politics can suck it once again in the summer.

*Here in southeast Michigan back in the day ( The 80’s) a well known case of dealing drugs was tried a long time ago involving White Boy Rick. WBR is serving a life sentence for dealing and today he has a PAROLE BOARD hearing. Should he be released? Should we be locking people up that commit non violent crimes for life? Duke chimes in.

*President Trump’s national security adviser Lt General Michael Flynn bites the dust less than a month into the job. What is the bigger mess up? Talking to the Ruskies before you assume your job or LYING TO THE V.P. afterwards about it?

All this plus THIS DAY IN HISTORY on the best Bourbon On The Rocks EVER. At least until tomorrow’s show.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On THe Rocks for Monday Feb-13-2017

Bourbon On The Rocks -

After Another Fraser City Council Meeting

Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday February-10-2017 has Duke in a bind. After a EPIC EXTRA SHOT OF BOURBON where he learns that he is called “dumb” in the nicest possible way he is still feeling the affects for BOTR.

Also a new segment is born called BUDGETING WITH JOE and it has a helluva debut.

Listen and learn.

Bourbon on The Rocks -

This Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday Feb-9-2017 covers the city council meeting for tonight and why the sinkhole is not really ( yes it is) a sinkhole

Bourbon On The Rocks……Tom Brady is The Best -

(AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday February-6-2017 is going over that game that some guy named Tom came back from a 25 point deficit to win last night.

Also President Trump got into some trouble talking to Bill O Reilly about comparing the U.S. to Russian and Putin.

All this and much more for BOTR on FTR

Bourbon On The Rocks..Pray For Arnold Edition -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday February-3-2017 takes on a different VIEW from some of the stuff Duke usually talks about.

First up…….

* The ladies at “The View” think that Roe V Wade is actually stated in the Constitution. Noted conservative thinker Jedediah Bila agreed with Whoopi Goldberg on this.

* President Trump at the National Prayer Breakfast made a joke about the ratings on Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He actually asked the attendees to Pray For Arnold . Duke finds this kinda funny…do you?

Also Ivanka Trump gets dumped by Nordstroms. WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE!?!??!?!

All this and of course THIS DAY IN HISTORY for BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday February-2-2017 tackles the UC Berkeley protests and why the left hates FREE SPEECH

Bourbon On The Rocks, You don’t know SCOTUS -

“I’m important…look at the logos on my jacket”

Bourbon On The Rocks for the FIRST DAY OF FEBRUARY 2017 is a a rock n roll affair.

* First off President Trump gets a prime time audience to announce his Supreme Court Pick Neil Gorsuch and all of a sudden…everyone is a SCOTUS EXPERT. Duke goes over why….you really arent.

* On the heels of a very successful EXTRA SHOT OF BOURBON all about the non-sinkhole, sinkhole here in Fraser, Duke follows up on todays show. What is the media saying about the cost and the request to call this the “Macomb County interceptor before we build the Death Star pipe”

* Also a hat tip to Duke’s cousin on todays show!!!

All this and NO this day in history being there just was no time. BOTR on FTR.

Extra Shot Of Bourbon….Rename Our Sinkhole Edition -

Fraser “Not As Big As Other Sinkholes” Picture

Extra Shot of Bourbon goes over the Town Hall meeting from Tuesday Jan-31-2017 and discovers.

* We need to stop calling the “sinkhole…..the sinkhole”

* Joe slips and says he is resigning.

* Certificates of appreciation are better than raises.

* Be thankful city council did not get paid for this meeting.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks for the last day of January in the year 2017 tackles why the county is about ready to riot.

Ben Affleck as Batman.

*First off President Donald trump FIRES acting Attorney General SALLY YATES for not acting like a A.G. Will the 46th POUTS decision to fire Sally Yates affect the executive order he signed on Friday?

*Also why are we allowing protest to occur at the nations airports and BLOCK those arriving and leaving certain destinations? Does that make any sense?

*The Hamlet has a CITY HALL meeting tonight that no one who is a elected official in Fraser will get paid to attend. Will miracles never cease?

*Also the real reason the country is on edge….Ben Affleck will STILL play Batman but wont direct the upcoming film THE BATMAN. Duke plays a clip from the last time Affleck donned the hood in FIVE different languages to show why…..Affleck is just a joker and not BATMAN.

All this and MORE plus THIS DAY IN HISTORY all on BORE on FTR.