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Bourbon On The Rocks: Fraser Quid Pro Quo Edition #837 -

I will Sign Your Petition After You Accused Me Of A CRIME.


This Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday July-29-2018 has a lot going on.

Duke blasts the incestuous, shallow nature of people who have held office and are running for office in the city of Fraser. These people are really odd.

Link to the Macomb Daily article referenced.

Let’s Get It On.

Bourbon Court: Fraser Deposition Edition #836 -


A very SPECIAL EDITION of Bourbon Court lands here where Duke is talking about city council candidate Richard Haberman and where he is mentioned in a lawsuit against the city he once managed.

Uh oh.

Give it a listen and see what you think.

Link to deposition from case #2017-003757cd  right HERE >>>>>>>>  Depositions

Bourbon On The Rocks ” Do Some Learning Fool” #835 -


Bourbon On The Rocks for Wed-July-17-2019 has Duke talking about this…

* Donald Trump is not a racist but his tweet on AOC was dumb. What next?

* Maybe Duke has to start bragging about all the stuff he did in the era of the Tea Party movement while others became facebook warriors.

* What is the dance card gonna look like in Fraser at 4:05 PM on Tuesday, July 23rd?

All this and a bit more on BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks: O.J. Simpson Real Audio #834 -


Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday July-15-2019 has all this packed into it.

*Duke plays one of the most awesome version of the national anthem you will ever hear by Grace Anna Rodgers.

*O.J. Simpson is on twitter and now a “faux” account ( @KillerOJSimpson) has uncovered some audio from THE JUICE that you must hear.

*SEVEN DAYS until the state-mandated filing deadline for people wanting to run for office. Who will be on the ballot here in Fray-Town?

All this and a lil bit more on today’s helping of BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks: Independence Day Preview #833 -



Bourbon On The Rocks for Wed-July-3 2019 has all this cooking before INDEPENDENCE DAY 2019.

*Duke once again decimates the fun governors who don’t like fireworks. This time Sports Talk Show host and part-time fascist poopy head, Mike Valenti from 97.1 gets his argument shredded. Time for these people to start a march off a short pier and take a refreshing swim.

*The United States celebrates Independence Day tomorrow but the Constitution was not hammered out until 1787. What happened at the bar a couple of days before tells you a lot about the roots this country has in working hard and playing harder.

All this and a bit more on BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks: Fireworks Are The Devil #832 -



Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday, July 1st is happy to celebrate CANADA DAY with verbal fireworks and all this…

* Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un decided to have a meet and greet at the DMZ and Trump crossed into North Korea and history. Will this matter any in the nuke talks?

*The United States is still at a stalemate with China after the G-20 meetings and that worries Duke.

*Fireworks drive people crazy and at this time of year, all of a sudden pets become the reason we must CEASE & DESIST doing anything to make other people unhappy that it is not HARMING THEM. Duke goes off on the lunacy of some of the arguments that pop up every year.

All this and a lil bit more on this episode of BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks: Debate Aftermath #831 -


Bourbon On The Rocks has Duke talking about this for Friday June-28th…

* Now that both Democratic debates are done what happened? Is Joe Biden a racist and will Beto ever find political love again?

* The aftermath of Tom McCoy announcing his city council run has some scratching their heads in The Hamlet. How bad will it get before it gets even worse?

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Bourbon On The Rocks: “Happy Anniversary” #830 -


Bourbon On The Rocks for Wed June-26-2019 has a lot of interesting stuff in today’s show…

*HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Tom McCoy and Shelley Kassin. Here is to 10 years and more you crazy kids.

*The Dem debates start tonight and what to expect from Joe Biden and the other 23 midgets up on stage.

*Duke is sick of pride for who you find attractive. The majority of Americans just don’t care.

*Also just 27 days until signatures need to be filed. Are you in?

All this and a lil bit more for BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks “Stop Patting Yourself On The Back” #829 -



Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday June-24-2019 has a minor verbal @ss whooping going on…

*Duke opens up a bit on why people like Jay Guiles and Kenny Perry Jr offering opinions and asking questions is not a bad thing. You might now like it but you aren’t the only one that matters.

*Only 29 days until the filing deadline and are you READY to file?

* Donald Trump zig and zagged again with his not bombing Iran. How does this guy do it and still PISS OFF the left when they agree with him?

All this and a lil more on BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks: Keep Pete Rose Out Of The H.O.F. #828 -

Wave To An Idiot


Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday June-17-2019 has Duke talking about these things today…

* Duke is putting to rest all the reasons people say they want Pete Rose in the Hall Of Fame and it is time to move on from that.

*O.J. Simpson is on Twitter at @TheRealOJ32 and he has some things he wants to get off his chest. We have audio.

*How did the HISTORIC EVENT in Downtown Mt Clemens go last Saturday> ( Hint: One + One) and we once again have audio.

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