Bourbon On the Rocks

Bourbon On The Rocks, hosted by Thomas LaDuke, is the flagship show on FTR Radio. Topics cover whatever subjects would come up while drinking your favorite adult beverage. Just like when you are imbibing, you never know what will come up.

Sports, politics, history or any trending news is up for discussion. Join Duke and his guests live weekday mornings from 11am to noon eastern.

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Bourbon Interview With Raffi Williams -

Raffi Williams Deputy Press Sec. For the Republican National Committee stops by to talk about the historic election 2 weeks ago and how the GOP will go forward from here. Also he talk about his favorite adult beverage.

Bourbon On The Rocks With Scott Hagerstrom -

On today’s “Bourbon On The Rocks” Scott Hagerstrom of AFP-Michigan joins Duke to talk about the upcoming vote to raise taxes in the MI-Legislature and if we REALLY NEED to raise the gas tax to fix the roads.

Bourbon On The Rocks Interview With Jess Fields -

Jess Fields of Texas Public Policy Foundation talks with Duke about his experience while in Detroit during the Netroots conference in July of 2014 and what he thought of the city and its future.

Bourbon On The Rocks Interview With John Larosa -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday featured Duke talking with John LaRosa from Four Tiers Strategies LLC and talk about why networking is so important and that whole #unsustainablebartab thing that everyone loves

Bourbon On The Rocks Interview With Jack Fowler -

Host of “Bourbon On The Rocks” Thomas LaDuke talks with publisher of the National Review, Jack Fowler about the new site Demote Reid is something that everyone should look into and something that should happen.

Bourbon On The Rocks #6 -

Bourbon On The Rocks kicks off the week on Monday August 25, 2014 with Duke talking about some of what happened at the past weekends MI-GOP Convention in Novi and will this affect GOP base turnout in November.

Also Rachel Mullen asked the pertinent question who was the greater Rat Pack member, Frank or Dean and get to the bottom of it.

Bourbon On The Rocks Interview With Ericka Andersen -

Ericka Andersen of the The Hertiage Foundation stops by on inaugural week of “Bourbon On The Rocks” but not to talk political policy but about FITNESS. Ericka is the author of the blog The Sweet Life With Ericka which talks about all aspects of living a healthier lifestyle.

Bourbon On The Rocks Interview With Eddie Gallegos -

Thomas LaDuke of “Bourbon On The Rocks” on FTR Radio interviews Texas activist Eddie Gallegos about the battle to keep Texas Red and why the state might already be purple.

Bourbon On The Rocks Interview With Kevin Gardner -

On the INAUGURAL episode of “Bourbon On The Rocks” here on FTR Radio Thomas LaDuke talks with MI-Director of Generation Opportunity Mr Kevin Gardner about what this group is doing to help millennials deal with the issues facing them today.

Bourbon On The Rocks Interview With Chip Flaherty -

Inaugural week of the new FTR Radio show “Bourbon On The Rocks” and Thomas LaDuke talks with Chip Flaherty of Walden Media about the release of this new movie and some of themes of big intrusive government and why that is always a bad path to go down.