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Bourbon On The Rocks, hosted by Thomas LaDuke, is the flagship show on FTR Radio. Topics cover whatever subjects would come up while drinking your favorite adult beverage. Just like when you are imbibing, you never know what will come up.

Sports, politics, history or any trending news is up for discussion. Join Duke and his guests live weekday mornings from 11am to noon eastern.

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Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday April-5-2019 does its best to pay tribute to a beautiful soul who just entered eternity.

Sue Kloosterboer is being mourned today after passing away early this morning while receiving a liver transplant. She fought valiantly to get to this point and she is already missed.

Duke goes over some of her messages to him and reflects on how lucky we all were to have been influenced by this incredible lady.

Please keep Steve ( shown above ) and their family in your prayers as they navigate this incredibly tough time in their lives. Also, if you are not already please consider being an organ donor
by signing up today.

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Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday, April 1st is not joking, these are the topics…

*RECALL MANIA kicks off in Fray town. Right?

*Duke talks with Mr. John Hawkins from Brass Pills joins the show to talk about the state of social media today and dating hot younger women.

Check it all out right here on BORE on FTR.

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Bourbon On The Rocks for Wed-March-27-2019 has all this….

*Free Speech is a novel concept to those that passed the “anti bullying” law that takes effect in Michigan today. Find out why Duke is not a fan.

*Jussie Smollett won’t be suing the city of Chicago after he had charges dropped yesterday in his assauly case. Find out why.

Also TODAY IN HISTORY and a lil bit more on todays BOTR on FTR.

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Bourbon On THe Rocks for Wed. March-13-2019 has a special show in store for YOU.

David LaDuke is the author of the brand new fiction thriller “The Smell Of Rubber. Duke and the other guy with the same last name talk about.

* Why he wrote a book on this subject.

* How the author feels this fits into today’s world.

* Are there more books he plans to write.

No “TODAY in History but Duke does have a new article up over at Red State called ANALYSIS: Affirmative Action For Rich People Revealed In College Admissions Scandal.

Tune in and check it out all here on BOTR on FTR

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When your Gov wants to raise taxes again to fix the roads 45 cents per gallon.


Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday March-5-2019 has all this going on…

*Luke Perry and King Kong Bundy both die on the same day. R.I.P. to them all.

*Gov Gresthc Whitmer wants to raise fuel taxes again 45 cents per gallon to FIX THE DAMN ROADS. They will never get fixed until they fix the way the BUILD THEM.

Also TODAY IN HISTORY and a lil bit more on BOTR on FTR.

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Gods Speed Dave!!


Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday March-4-2019 has all this going on…

* 19 years ago today David Sutton died in the line of duty saving others lives. Let us truly never forget the sacrafices of those who lay down thier lives for others.

* Should a Macomb Township Supervisor be giving a STATE OF THE TOWNSHIP speech where they are charging to listen?

* Donald Trump on Saturday at CPAC gave a 2-hour speech. Did you listen?

All this plus TODAY IN HISTORY and much more on BOTR on FTR.

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I see baseball coming


Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday Feb-12-2019 has all this coming up…

* Today pitchers and catchers for the Detroit Tigers which means BASEBALL is finally starting up. How excited is everyone for this?

* Lawmakers sturck a deal to avoid a goverment shutdown on Friday. Will Trump sign it. Duke wrote about it here at Red State Lawmakers Reach A Deal To Avoid Government Shutdown.

* A new agenda is out for the Fraser City Council meetin this Thursday. Check it out HERE.

All this and MORE on Bourbon On The Rocks on FTR Radio.

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Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday Feb-11-2019 has all this plus chocolate…

* Less than 4 days until another Government shutdown. What in the hell is going to happen? Duke ponders this.

* Another snow storm minus lots of snow is going to hit us. Maybe A.O.C. has a point about farting cows.

* Fraser has a city council meeting on Thur. You should watch.

All this plus “Today In History” and Duke ate all the chocolate. Sorry about that.

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Center stage for this guy tonight.

Bourbon On THe Rocks for Tuesday Feb-5 is going over this…

President Trump FINALLY delivers his State of the Union speech. What’s in it?

What’s happening in Fraser? Nothing much but Duke gives a mini breakdown.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday Feb-4-2019 is all about Duke talking about American Exceptionalism. Why do people hate the Patriots becasue they are good?

Also the State of the Union is tomorrow night and are you going to watch?