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Q With A View #154

For Episode 154 of “Q With A View,” hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler kick things off with “Eclipsapalooza” – Susie recounts her Eclipse-related festivities, including what it was like to be within the Path of Totality. Jason muses on his imminent return to school. They bid farewell to comedians Dick Gregory and Jerry Lewis. And Susie relieves the gawdawful political self-immolation of Todd Akin. They bid another (not-so-fond) farewell to Steve Bannon upon his exit from the White House. And they reflect further on Charlottesville, the continuing fallout from Trump’s remarks on it, and Susie shares where she stands on it all. It’s another great show, so check it out!

Q With A View #153

He’s ba-ack! That’s right – Jason Dibler has returned from his travels abroad for Episode 153 of “Q With A View.” Naturally, we kick off the show with Jason recounting his many adventures, including touring sunken ships, game drives and an unscheduled visit to the hospital. It’s like a verbal slideshow – only cooler! As for baseball, Jason may continue to crow about his Cubs, but Susie warns the Cardinals may have something up their sleeves – in the form of a Rally Cat! Speaking of adventures, Susie shares the story of her beloved Pringle going AWOL (thankfully temporary) while out in the country this past weekend. The duo eventually do get around to some of the more serious news of the day, including the recent events in Charlottesville and the escalating tensions with North Korea. It’s a great show, so be sure to click the link and listen.

Q With A View #152

Episode 152 of “Q With A View,” features host Susie Moore and her producer, Thomas LaDuke, at the conn once again, while co-host Jason Dibler decompresses/recuperates from his travels. Susie turns food critic and rips on Skinny Pop popcorn cakes. They give a nod to recent NFL Hall of Fame inductee Kurt Warner. And they talk “Field of Dreams” and “A River Runs Through It.” They cover Tom Brokaw’s recent shocking revelation about Trump voters and the media. And they also reflect on Ferguson and the Michael Brown shooting three years later. Lastly, they ponder one group’s contention that cheese is basically rape. It’s an eclectic mix of fun and edification. Click it and listen!

Q With A View #151

– It’s Episode 151 of “Q With A View,” and Jason is still off galavanting around Africa, so Duke once again rides shotgun with Susie. They cover a little bit of everything, from Jason’s stomach bug (which ISN’T Ebola) to the weather, to baseball, to MiniQ’s new adventures in driving, to dirt track racing, to Duke getting buried in GIF’s by his fellow Fraserites. Then they move onto the heavier stuff. Like The Mooch. And all the intrigue at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Susie also shares her recent RedState piece about how Charlie Gard WILL make a difference. The show covers lots of ground. It’s worth the listen, so click the link and check it out!

Q With A View #150

For Episode 150, and while Jason is off on safari, “Q With A View” host Susie Moore is joined by very special co-host David Stephens a/k/a “The Beau.” They cover a lot of ground – from the recent record-setting heat in STL, to the fizzling Cardinals, to the promise of football on the horizon (including a detailed discussion on the whole “Color Rush” concept.) They discuss David’s upcoming elk hunting trip in Colorado, and they review two very different films: “Dunkirk” and “Office Christmas Party.” On the politics front, they discuss Jeff Sessions’ impending doom, and why Susie’s reluctantly feeling compelled to defend him. They also cover an interesting — and very thorough — piece about Russian oligarchs, money laundering, and some of the red flags surrounding Donald Trump. There’s the recent (though somewhat questionable) poll suggesting Kid Rock could give Debbie Stabenow a run for the money over her Senate seat. And they wrap things up with a fun look at the many cliches of HGTV. It’s a fun show and worth the listen, so click the link!

Q With A View #149

– Now it’s Jason’s turn for vacation! While Mr. Dibler is off on Safari, Executive Producer Thomas LaDuke commandeers the co-pilot chair and he and Susie are off to the races. They talk weather, baseball (of course), the All-Star Game, and tip their hats to Martin Landeau and George Romero who both passed over the weekend. Then they move on to cars, and sinkholes, and why going to the gym is bad for your health — or, at least, your property’s health. Speaking of sinkholes, Duke’s fair city of Fraser, MI, had its own this past December, and that prompts a very lively discussion of all the goings-on in Fraser. It’s local politics at its finest! (Not every day you hear detailed discussions of Mayor Bubblebutt!) They also have some thoughts on the rumors that Caitlynn Jenner is considering a run for the US Senate from California. Susie shares her latest piece from RedState, noting the GOP contenders lining up to challenge Claire McCaskill for her Senate seat. Duke’s amped up for this show and you’ll be, too – click the link and give it a listen. Then share it!

Q With A View #148

Episode 148 of “Q With A View,” in which Susie waxes poetic about her recent adventures in Colorado, which included white water rafting, paddle boarding, a concert (featuring her favorite band – “The Avett Brothers”) at Red Rocks, and plenty of other “ooo’s” and “ahhh’s” over an undeniably beautiful part of the country. They ponder the fact that we remain one nation with 50 distinct states, each with their own identity. Susie shares her latest article from RedState which points out the double standards employed by those who are barking about the dress code in the Speaker’s Lobby at the Capitol. Basically, it’s a fun “back from vacation” episode and one we think you’ll enjoy. Click it and share it!

Q With A View #146

Episode 146 of “Q With a View” features hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler celebrating the Summer Solstice, and Susie bemoaning her beleaguered Cardinals. They move beyond baseball to golf, with some discussion about the US Open, the scary blimp crash, and the awkward moment following Brooks Koepka’s win in which Joe Buck stuck his foot in his mouth. They ponder the intelligence levels of those Americans who believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows, and Susie expounds upon the “Scandalizing Pants of the FNC Sisterhood.” They switch gears a bit to reflect upon the recent, horrific shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise and several of his companions while they practiced for the annual Congressional Baseball game, just how much of a role rhetoric plays in violent acts such as that. They also mull whether two wrongs do, indeed, make a right and justify the recent protesting/interruption of a play in Central Park by “alt-right” Trump supporters objecting to its portrayal of Caesar as Trump. All this and more can be YOURS if you’ll just click the link! Oh – and be sure to share it, too!

Q With A View 145

In Episode 145 of “Q with a View,” Jason is back and – not only that – he and Susie are doing the show together, as in sitting right next to each other! Yes, Jason stopped off for a visit on his way back from his college reunion. He and Susie chat about his travels and their visit. Susie recounts her recent harrowing float trip. They congratulate the Penguins on their Stanley Cup, and lament the sorry state of the National League Central – where NO team seems to want to take the lead. And Susie gives her review of David McCullough’s “1776.” They’re joined by special guest Congressman Trey Hollingsworth, who represents Indiana’s 9th District. Congressman Hollingsworth shares the reasons he wanted to go to Washington, what he’s found since he’s arrived, why he supports term limits and the positive steps Congress is taking via the CHOICE Act and the POLICE Act. Susie and Jason then discuss the fallout from James Comey’s testimony last week and look forward to Jeff Sessions’ testimony. It’s a great show – be sure to listen and then share the link!!

Q With A View #144

Episode 144 of “Q with a View” features Susie Moore and her Executive Producer, Thomas LaDuke, trading witty banter…or, at least, banter. They talk graduations, summer weather, sick doggies, baseball and Wonder Woman and also give a shout out to their pal Jay Caruso, who made an appearance on “Morning Joe” to kick off the week. On a more somber note, they reflect on Memorial Day and Duke’s recent RedState piece which pointedly asks if it still matters. (Yes it does!) They discuss the recent spate of terror attacks in England (and elsewhere). Then they shift back to happier talk, as Susie notes the amazing recovery of a friend’s son, from devastating spinal cord injury to walking across the stage at his high school graduation. They wrap up the show with a nod to U2’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel – which included not only a moving performance of “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and Bono’s explanation to Kimmel of why they truly love America and what it stands for. It’s a great show, so be sure to give it a listen and share it with friends!

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