FTR Live

Throughout the year, FTR Radio travels to events around the country. We cover the action and interview people making a difference. If you can’t make an event, you can listen live or catch up here.

Past events:

  • CPAC
  • Smart Girl Summit
  • Defending the American Dream Summit
  • RedState’s Gathering
  • RightOnline
  • FreePac

We have also broadcast from many other local and state events. If you are interested in having FTR broadcast from your event, contact

Right Online Interview With Andres Malave -

Q with a View’s Jason Dibler is joined by AFP Florida’s Communications Director Andres Malave to talk about working his way up from Field Director, Florida pension reform, fighting film and sports incentives, Medicaid expansion and the Florida senate’s refusal to negotiate for real reform, the strength of AFP Florida’s membership, and the roll Florida and Florida politicians in presidential politics.

Right Online Interview With Beth Anne Mumford -

Beth Anne Mumford is the State Director of AFP Pennsylvania. She sat down to talk with Jason Dibler about to Jason about AFP Pennsylvania’s large and active membership, the full-time legislature in Pennsylvania and its habit of being “always there, thinking up bad ideas,” troubling budget and tax issues, spending more money to do less in education, Medicaid expansion, and the challenges posed by Pennsylvania’s seemingly dual political identity.

Right Online Interview With Brent Gardner -

Brent Gardner, the Vice President of Government Affairs for AFP, talks briefly about his background and how he found his way to AFP, the “wide gamut” of tasks covered by Government Affairs, issues covered under “Reform America 2015,” AFP’s advantage of having permanent on-the-ground staff in the states, and the one thing he wishes everyone knew about themselves.

Right Online Interview With Caleb Howe -

Caleb Howe or, Red State, Digitas Daily, and more sat down with Jason Dibler on Saturday afternoon during AFP’s RightOnline 2015 in Washington, DC. Jason and Caleb talked about Caleb following and filming a Baltimore solidarity protest march, spoke very highly of the excellent panels at RightOnline (that did not include Ben Howe), what one comes away with from an event like RightOnline, accessibility of panelists and other noted activists at RightOnline, and the way attending events like RightOnlie can open opportunities for up-and-coming bloggers and activists.

Right Online Interview With Greg Moore -

Greg Moore, that State Director for AFP New Hampshire, joins Jason Dibler to talk about presidential politics and the New Hampshire primary, politics as “the state sport” of New Hampshire, budget issues and new tax proposals in New Hampshire, trying to lower the third highest business taxes in the country, and his hopes that passionate people find a way to take their passion and “operationalize” it.

Right Online Interview With Larry O’Connor -

WMAL radio host and IJ Review editor-at-large Larry O’Connor stops by to talk to Jason Dibler about moderating a panel about challenging the media and “What Would Breitbart Do,” how people who didn’t know Andrew really did know him in a way, carrying on the Breitbart legacy, frustration with those trying to silence others, and the mockable ridiculousness of today’s mainstream media.

Right Online Interview With Cameron Gray -

NRA News personality Cameron Gray sits down with Jason Dibler to talk about what’s new at NRA News, going to a foam party in Cancun, how he got his start, major presidential candidates at the NRA Annual Meeting, his curiosity as to whether various right factions will coalesce to support the candidate, having the opportunity to mix and mingle with long distance friends at events like RightOnline, millennials and education, his hope that we can clean up and reduce some of the “garbage” online.

CPAC 2015 Interview With Luke Hilgemann -

Luke Hilgemann CEO of Americans For Prosperity stops by to talk with FTR Radio during CPAC 2015

CPAC 2015 Interview With Patrick Davis -

Patrick Davis from Person To Person Pac stops by the FTR Radio booth on radio row at CPAC 2015 to talk to Fingers Malloy and Tracy Connors

CPAC 2015 interview With Joel Arendas -

Joel Arendas of Veterans For Strong America joins Fingers Malloy and Tracy Connors at the FTR Radio booth on radio row for CPAC 2015