Q With A View

Every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central on FTRRadio.com, SmoosieQ and her co-hosts, Mark “Dainty RINO” Warner and Jason “The Voice” Dibler, bring you sass, snark, silliness and occasional serious discourse from a right-of-center vantage point. With a variety of guests and no shortage of hot topics to debate, this trio (and their omnipresent Producer, Duke) serve up an hour of thought-provoking fun you won’t want to miss!

Q With a View With Duane Lester -

It’s Episode 3 of “Q with a View”! Susie Moore and Mark Warner speak with special guest Duane Lester (of The Missouri Torch & All American Blogger). They also talk Snowmageddon – Part 8 & terrible drivers, Superbowl picks, “Lone Survivor” & the upcoming documentary “Bankrupt”

Q With A View With Susie Moore -

It’s Episode 2 of “Q with a View”! Susie Moore and Mark Warner speak with guests Brad Essex (of The Essex Blog) and Cecilia S. Johnson (of Hood Cons), and discuss why Mark Warner should fear Gillespie. Plus, they celebrate Susie’s completion of her radiation treatments!

Q With A View Episode 1 – The Debut! 1-8-2014 -

It’s the debut of “Q with a View”! Host Emeritus Josh Gillespie officially passes the torch to Host Susie Moore. They catch up re: the holidays & the Polar Vortex, discuss the new show and its direction, ponder liberals’ views of conservatives and Frank Luntz’s agony over the current state of affairs in politics. They also talk fatherhood and the ways in which dads are portrayed/perceived.