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Q With A View #65

In Episode #65 of Q with a View, Susie Moore and Jason Dibler talk baseball, Jason’s upcoming journey to DC for Right On Line, the confusion surrounding our foreign policy vis-a-vis Iran, the same sex marriage argument in front of the Supreme Court and the ripple effect it may have on other hotly contested Constitutional issues, the controversial Kansas case of Shona Banda, medical marijuana activist, and the tragic case of Freddie Gray and the Baltimore riots. It’s an hour chock full of infotainment, so please click the link and listen!

Q With A View #38

Episode 38 of “Q with a View” features Jason Dibler and Susie Moore discussing Jason’s latest adventures in Texas, Susie’s pride in Cardinal Nation and the Cards’ return to the NLCS. Then they change it up a bit and address some of the lingering tensions in St. Louis between protestors and others. They also discuss the mystery that is the appeal of Lena Dunham and Amanda Marcotte. Finally, they talk about the disturbing case out of Phoenix that bears an eery resemblance to the Justina Pelletier story — only this involves TWO little girls (sisters), 10 and 12, who were seized by a Phoenix hospital and kept from their parents — another medical kidnapping? It’s an interesting AND entertaining hour, so click the link and give it a listen!

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Q With A View # 11

Episode 11 of “Q with a View” features Mark Warner, Jason Dibler, Susie Moore & Thomas LaDuke talkin’ baseball, basketball, football, and oh, some political stuff, too! Like the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case. They also chat about The Breakfast Club, Frozen and Naked & Afraid. You don’t want to miss this one!


TGIF with some Baseball Heckling

Made it through another week and who can’t wait to head out to the ballpark to enjoy some baseball. Helping get you in the mood is a video from a New York Mets baseball game where Atlanta Braves outfielder Matt Diaz get’s the “SPECIAL” New York treatment.

Have a Great Weeeknd!!!!!

Thanks to Crummy New Yorker for the video

TGIF & For Baseball Hecklers

Thank God It’s Friday and what better way to slide into the weekend than this.

Usually the baseball heckler gets the best of the Major League Player and that is ONLY because the player just ignores them while he counts how much money he is making at that very moment. Very rarely have I seen a player respond with even a snicker. Tony Gwynn Jr though has a CLASSIC response from a game back in 2011

Thanks to Steve Dilbeck over at Los Angeles Times, Dodgers Now

Lil fan shows he has good throwing form but……..

Today’s Detroit vs Oakland game had the usual fan catches a foul ball but than this happened…….

A couple of innings later the staff at the Oakland Coliseum brought both of the kids souvenir baseballs so all ended well.

Thanks to MrMike0686 for the video

Detroit Tigers honor Mariano Rivera

aaaaaaaaa Photo Courtesy Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers on Sunday were the first team in Major League Baseball to honor the retiring Yankees closer Mariano Rivera with a plaque celebrating his 19 years of excellence. As much as all true Americans hate the Yankees ( YEAH that means you Josh Gillespie are not a TRUE American ) you have to give props to a player who has done what Rivera has done and the class act that he is.

All the best to you sir.

Read more here at Fox Detroit

S.E. Cupp asks a Darn Good Question!!

From Mark Hemingway Via Washington Examiner

S.E. Cupp asks a darn good question in the New York Daily News today:

So how is it that someone like Olbermann gets paid to partner up with Major League Baseball – and the National Football League, while he’s at it, as a member of NBC’s “Football Night in America” team – but a controversial conservative commentator like Rush Limbaugh can’t even buy his way into the NFL? continue

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