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Bourbon On The Rocks


Bourbon On The Rocks is happening for Tuesday Dec-6-2016 and Duke has it all lined up.

CHRISTmas In Fraser went off without a hitch but not without Mayor “ALL ABOUT ME” forcing a change or two in the program. Duke talk about how it went from “off” the stage and the event afterwards.

Also Joe Biden MIGHT run for President in 2020. START THE COUNTDOWN BIDEN WILL RUN IN 2020

President Elect Trump makes just a small throw away comment about Boeing and the Air Force One Program and Duke is worried what in the hell that is about. Trump Bashes Boeing On Air Force One Cost

All this and a lil This Day In History and you have your daily Bourbon On The Rocks ready to go.

Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy

Fingers slams right-wing ankle biters and faux outrage merchants. Ashe covers new details in the Rolling Stone rape hoax. Duke continues his one man crusade against Powerball. Jason Howerton of The Blaze was their guest.

Snark Factor With Jason Howerton

Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy for Wed. June, 17,2015 has the one and only Sarah Smith from Howe Creative joining us and as always our regualr Wed guest Jason Howerton from the The Blaze


Snark Factor With Ashe Schow

Snark Factor With Ashe Schow filling in for the Wed Night news babe chair.

Fingers, Ashe and Duke welcome Wed guest Jason Howerton from the The Blaze and talk about the hot stories over there.

Also we check in with what Ashe is writing over at the Washington Examiner


Is Christianity Under Attack

Is Christianity Under Attack?

Lawrence B Jones from the Blaze joins up with FTR Media to explore whether Christianity is under attack or if the playing field is now leveled and the complaining is just sour grapes.

This is a new series in “Narrative Journalism” pieces that FTR Media is launching but to start off we need your help. We have started a RALLY ACCOUNT to help fund this effort. Please consider donating or helping spread the word to get a story that needs to be explored told without the usual 5 minute clips of news stories we get on a daily basis.

Listen to the clip of Lawrence explaining what the story is about and please donate HERE or spread the word. Thank you



Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy #678

Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy on Wednesday April-22-2015 has our regular Wed guest Jason Howerton from The Blaze stops by to talk about crossfit while Tania Gail gives her thumbs up.

Also Fingers talks to Duke about the groundswell of support for Duke’s run for city council.


Snark Factor With Jason Howerton

Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy welcomes Wed regular and The Blaze and he goes over the NRA convention in Nashville.

Also Tania Gail talks about her epic trip to Paris and her marathon running.


BOTR With Lawrence B Jones III

Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday April 2nd 2015 is talking with guest Lawrence B Jones III about the Go Fund Me page that was set up for Memories Pizza in Indiana after the avalanche of hate they received for answering a question not approved by the left.

Listen in and tell us what you think of the controversy.


Snark Factor With Kevin Boyd

Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy for Wed March 11,2015 has our usual fan favorite Jason Howerton from The Blaze stopping by to chat and first time guest Kevin Boyd from RARE joins us to talk Louisiana politics and football.

All this plus Tania Gail is watching you for the Snark Factor on FTR Radio

Snark Factor With Nancy Grace Doooobie Edition


Jason Howerton of The Blaze joined us to talk about his experience at the ShotShow convention, as well as Jesse Ventura, and EMPs. A new segment, Random People Come on the Show to Imitate Nancy Grace Talking about Doobies debuted featuring Matt Dawson, @SaintRPH of The SooperMexican Podcast.

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