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Bourbon On The Rocks

YOU….3.75 mills or the guillotine is your fate, peasants.

Bourbon On The Rocks is rolling for humpday on Wednesday March-7-2018 with this.

*Duke talks about the interview that Matt Lewis did with Michael Steele about the leadership at CPAC and how his head hurts.

* Also continuing with the budget rollout Thursday in Fraser, Duke reads from a thread where Mayor Emeritus Doug Hagerty is talking about what HE did back in the day. Does it matter and will it work?

All this PLUS some of that THIS DAY IN HISTORY you all love on BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks

Bourbon On The Rocks for the last day of January in the year 2017 tackles why the county is about ready to riot.

Ben Affleck as Batman.

*First off President Donald trump FIRES acting Attorney General SALLY YATES for not acting like a A.G. Will the 46th POUTS decision to fire Sally Yates affect the executive order he signed on Friday?

*Also why are we allowing protest to occur at the nations airports and BLOCK those arriving and leaving certain destinations? Does that make any sense?

*The Hamlet has a CITY HALL meeting tonight that no one who is a elected official in Fraser will get paid to attend. Will miracles never cease?

*Also the real reason the country is on edge….Ben Affleck will STILL play Batman but wont direct the upcoming film THE BATMAN. Duke plays a clip from the last time Affleck donned the hood in FIVE different languages to show why…..Affleck is just a joker and not BATMAN.

All this and MORE plus THIS DAY IN HISTORY all on BORE on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks. Madonna Is an Idiot Edition

George W Bush has the right idea…put plastic over your body and HIDE

Bourbon On The Rocks is BACK for Monday-January 23-2017 and Duke is celebrating America. He is talking about the inauguration protests and the March For Womens Lady parts from Sat on this stellar episode.

* First off what happened on this Day In History kicks off this show.

* The 45th President Of The United States, Donald J Trump is inaugurated and how did people respond? Burning things of course.

* President Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer held a impromptu press conference on Sat and he ripped the press for reporting that the Martin Luther King Jr bust was removed from the oval office. Also how many people showed up for the inauguration of Trump? Did Sean have a point?

* The march for women’s lady parts happened Sat in Washington D.C. and some washed up Pop Star named Madonna just casually mentioned that she wanted to blow up the White House. She made Sean Penn proud.

All this and more on BOTR on FTR

Bourbon On The Rocks


Bourbon On The Rocks is LIVE on FTR Radio and Duke is recalling the events of 75 years ago at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii which drew the United States into World War II and was the beginning of the end of the axis powers. How do we look at this event today?

Also a meeting was held at The Institute of Politics at Harvard University between the Trump and Clinton campaigns doing a breakdown of the election and the sparks flew. What can we learn from the post election analysis for a recall.

Plus now that it is the Holiday season it is time to read about bottles of Bourbon or Whiskey that have been given to Duke as gifts and today he goes over Eagle Rare.


All this and of course this DAY IN HISTORY and much more only on BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks

Bourbon On The Rocks is BACK and Duke was on a roll talking about Trump vs Clinton and response of the bombing over the weekend when the bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami was captured during the show.

Tune in and listen to what is going on.


(Bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami captured in Linden, New Jersey thinks about his life choices as he is loaded into a ambulance.)

Bourbon On The Rocks



The Brits are bailing on the EU, Duke pays tribute to Breitbart Big Government editor Mike Flynn ( Story by Larry O Connor over at HOT AIR ) and tells you what a great burger he had at Kavans Tavern Burger Bar.

Listen in LIVE at 11am or click on the link above to hear today’s show. You can always contact Duke at, @irishduke2 on twitter or smoke signals on Saturdays.


Bourbon On The Rocks

Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday August-14-2015 is all about the food fight at the city council meeting in Fraser and why Duke hopes it can improve



Bourbon Interview With Raffi Williams

Raffi Williams Deputy Press Sec. For the Republican National Committee stops by to talk about the historic election 2 weeks ago and how the GOP will go forward from here. Also he talk about his favorite adult beverage.


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