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Bourbon On The Rocks

Pray For Parkland.

Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday, February 15, 2018 is talking about the shooting in Florida from yesterday.

Duke also talks about a timley article written by his friend Caleb Howe over at Red State about why prayers do matter at times like these.

Bourbon On The Rocks


Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday-Oct-4-2016 covers some topics that might get Duke killed.

First off Julian Assange just trolled the Presidential election here in America and all the Donald Trump fans heads exploded. Did Hillary get to him first or did he just do the greatest political troll ever? Caleb Howe over at Red State has the breakdown.

Also Mike Pence and Tim Kaine have a Vice Presidential debate tonight. Are you going to watch or would you rather watch paint dry?

All this and of course “This Day In History” on this epic episode of Bourbon On The Rocks ONLY on FTR Radio.

Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy & Caleb Howe

Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy for Monday March 23,2015 has special guest Caleb Howe joining us to talk about why Ted Cruz should run or not run.

Also we go over why Fingers does not go into the ocean for fear of Jelly & Fish and why Peter King should just jump off a bridge anyway.

Snark Factor Podcast Art

Snark Factor With Caleb Howe

Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy for Wed, January 22, 2015 has Caleb Howe from Red State talking about why he loves watching the State Of The Union.

Also Tracy Connors is bored out of her mind as Fingers and Duke discuss #DEFLATE-GATE


#Centcom gets hacked

Not a good way to start of the week.

The United States Central Command (CENTCOM) Twitter account has been hacked by apparent ISIS sympathizers. The CENTCOM YouTube page has also been hacked and currently is hosting two ISIS recruitment videos.

From our friend Caleb Howe over at Truth Revolt

So being President Obama did NOT go to Paris for the march of unity why are the radicals still picking on us. I thought I red somewhere that ALL WE HAD TO DO WAS BE NICER and all this would stop.

Guess not.

Red State Weekly Briefing 8-17-2014

Join us as Caleb Howe, Thomas LaDuke, Joe Cunningham, and Aaron Gardner discuss the RedState Gathering, the indictment of Rick Perry, the insanity in Ferguson Missouri, and more.

Red State Banner

Red State Weekly Briefing 6-15-2014

The “Red State Weekly Briefing” is back for Jun 15, 2014 Fathers Day edition. This week Aaron Gardner and his co hosts Caleb Howe, Joe Cunningham and Thomas LaDuke.


MSNBC Is Upset With Fox News

So our friends over at Digitas Daily ( <<<<< Sign Up Here) went ahead and did a quick comparison of what the kids over at MSNBC have been whining about Fox News and actually what they have been doing themselves. Make sure to never miss anything from Digitas Daily

MSNBC And Racism

Our friends Caleb & Ben Howe over at Digitas Daily have put together this quick video showing why MSNBC is the happiest place on Earth and it is all due to Racism.

Rev Al must be thrilled.

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