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Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy # 484

The Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy for Tuesday April 15th and we hardly even talk about tax day. Amy recounts her time in band at Purdue and the Indy 500 and everyone reflects about Boston bombing and why Justina Pelletier is being held hostage.



This past weekend FTR Radio was happy to cover the Right Online conference in Las Vegas, Nevada and also participate in a panel on New Media. As always we were able to interview some of the biggest, best and brightest in conservatism. Click on the link RIGHT HERE to view all the interviews.

Snark Factor 174 with Michelle Malkin

On Tues night one of the best and brigtest conservative writers out there , Michelle Malkin joined us on The Snark Factor to talk about her new website Twitchy, her thoughts on the primary battle and Andrew Breitbart. As always on Tuesday Amy Miller and Thomas LaDuke are along for the ride so sit back and enjoy the quickest 60 minutes in New Media.

Snark Factor 172 with Kurt Schlichter

On this episode of The Snark Factor with Fingers Malloy Mr Kurt Schlichter joins the show to talk about re launch of Breitbart sites, this weekends DJ Breitbart tribute on twitter and he goes into why you should pay for your contraception. WARNING..if you have never heard Kurt be prepared…you will laugh, if you don’t there is something wrong with you. Also a Faux Arron Neville tribute to International ladies day and Paul Croteau chimes in with this week in history. Sarah Rumpf of Sunshine State Sarah and Thomas LaDuke are along for the ride for this Thursday March 8.2012 episode of the FASTEST 60 minutes in New Media.

Andrew Breitbart at Defending The American Dream Summit 2011

On Saturday November 5th at the Defending The American Dream Summit presented by Americans For Prosperity Andrew Breitbart of Big Goverment sits down to talk with Teri Christoph of Smart Girl Politics and Thomas LaDuke of FTR Radio to talk about the civil war for the soul of the country between the TEA Party and Occupy Wall-street. He also talks about President Obama, Nancy Pelosi how the OWS protesters treated Michelle Fields from the Daily Caller and Anthony Weiner and him sharing the same restaurant on the previous night.

” The Delivery” now comes…. From The Right

From our good friend Mr Jimmie Bise…..

As you may have heard, Radio for Conservatives is no more. I won’t go into the tale, except to say that sometimes people don’t get along. Breakups are often regrettable and unfortunate, but they happen. continue

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