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An Open Letter To America-Stop The Bristol Palin Rage

From Fingers Malloy

Dear America:

Hey buddy, it’s your pal Fingers. We have had some great times together. Remember Crystal Pepsi? No? Moving on.

Listen, this whole Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars thing–yeah we need to talk.

I will first start off with my conservative friends. Trying to get Bristol to win is not some sort of victory for us all. The only thing you are doing by obsessing with this is making yourselves look bad. It’s a TV show. CONTINUE

Elena Kagan for SCOTUS: Not a Battle Worth Fighting

By Jenny Erikson via Cafe Mom

On Monday, President Obama announced his nomination of Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court of the United States. Nine players sit on the bench of the highest court in the land, and they play for life. It’s a more powerful position than behind the desk in the Oval Office when you think about it.

Those nine justices interpret our laws and our Constitution, and the buck stops with them. Because it’s the highest court we have, there’s nowhere to go for an appeal. The process for overturning a Supreme Court decision is messy and sticky and basically next to impossible.

So it stands to reason that we should aim to have wise men and women on that bench (Latina or otherwise). When a sitting justice decides to retire, it’s the President who nominates his or her replacement, and the Senate that confirms the appointment in a confirmation hearing. The last time the Senate denied a nominee was over 20 years ago, with the rejection of Robert Bork, presumably for his conservative ideology. continue

Do STUPID Teachers EVER get fired???

By John Hawkins via Right Wing News

Prepare yourselves folks, because you are about to see an EXTREMELY offensive image. It was so out of bounds that a 13 year old child was told to stop drawing it immediately, continue

Palin is not a RINO she pays her debts off.

Well folks the news out of California is crazy these days. Sarah Palin has given her support to Carly Fiorina. Well the conservative army is split on this some say it’s a smart move and some say Sarah is the rino incarnate. continue

Random Thoughts: Times Square Bombing

By John Brodigan

I usually stay away from war and/or national security issues, just because the usual snark I bring to the political horseraces and the media doesn’t seem appropriate when discussing issues where people’s lives are on the line. Plus, unlike domestic issues where most of the information is available to me, the same isn’t true when it comes to national security. continue

The Illegal Immigration Issue. One Hot Mess.

By Kathleen McKinley via Right Wing News

As you have probably heard, Arizona’s Governor has signed a tough new law targeting illegal immigrants. Both sides have done their usual barking from the far side of their political agendas.

We are sick of it. continued

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