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Elena Kagan for SCOTUS: Not a Battle Worth Fighting

By Jenny Erikson via Cafe Mom

On Monday, President Obama announced his nomination of Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court of the United States. Nine players sit on the bench of the highest court in the land, and they play for life. It’s a more powerful position than behind the desk in the Oval Office when you think about it.

Those nine justices interpret our laws and our Constitution, and the buck stops with them. Because it’s the highest court we have, there’s nowhere to go for an appeal. The process for overturning a Supreme Court decision is messy and sticky and basically next to impossible.

So it stands to reason that we should aim to have wise men and women on that bench (Latina or otherwise). When a sitting justice decides to retire, it’s the President who nominates his or her replacement, and the Senate that confirms the appointment in a confirmation hearing. The last time the Senate denied a nominee was over 20 years ago, with the rejection of Robert Bork, presumably for his conservative ideology. continue

Obama’s SCOTUS Pick: A Military Hating Harriet Miers

By John Hawkins via Right Wing News

Obama’s SCOTUS nominee, Elana Kagan, is like Harriet Miers in some respects. She’s a very accomplished woman, but she’s under-accomplished for a Supreme Court Justice. Kagan has never sat on the bench and she’d never even argued a case before the Supreme Court before she became Obama’s Solicitor General. continue

S.E. Cupp asks a Darn Good Question!!

From Mark Hemingway Via Washington Examiner

S.E. Cupp asks a darn good question in the New York Daily News today:

So how is it that someone like Olbermann gets paid to partner up with Major League Baseball – and the National Football League, while he’s at it, as a member of NBC’s “Football Night in America” team – but a controversial conservative commentator like Rush Limbaugh can’t even buy his way into the NFL? continue

Group Seeks to Get Olbermann ” Thrown Out” as Writer for ‘Hate Speech’

By Lachlan Markay via NewsBusters

An online conservative radio group has started a petition site called Respect the Great Game to get Major League Baseball to drop Keith Olbermann as a contributor to its website.

The administrators of the Respect the Great Game site ask: “Why does Major League Baseball allow an individual who relishes hate speech to be associated with it?” They include a video compilation of some of Olbermann’s more colorful rants to illustrate their point. continue

Take Olbermann out of the ballgame

By Kathy Shaidle via News Real Blog

A new group called Respect the Great Game has just launched an intriguing campaign: they’re asking folks to sign a petition calling on Major League Baseball to rethink its relationship with MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, who occasionally blogs at the MLB web site. continue

Pastor Stephen Broden on Michael Steele: “Michael Steele is Wrong.”

From Duane Lester over at Right Wing News

Pastor Stephen Broden said the opening prayer at the Winning America Back event in Independence, Missouri. He’s the Republican candidate for Congress in Texas’ 30th District. I was able to tag along with Jim Hoft and asked him about Michael Steele’s assertion that black Americans didn’t have a reason to vote for Republicans. continue

Better Days Ahead.

It is a perilous time for America. It is threatened by a possibility of tyranny overtaking liberty. This, however, isn’t anything new. We have overcome similar obstacles in the past. Today our nation can solve the problems at hand as well. Actually, America has dealt with far worse. continue

When in Afghanistan….Re Do a Lady Ga Ga video

If you are serving in the United States military and are in Afghanistan..what to do? Re make a Lady Ga Ga video of course!!!

Fighting a war against a enemy that would prefer that Lady Ga Ga be in a bur-qua and not be heard from, these guys show that even in the most difficult situations you can still have fun and blow off some steam.

God Bless each and everyone person who wears the uniform of The United States Military!!!!

H/T The Smoking Gun

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