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Bourbon On The Rocks


Bourbon On The Rocks for Wednesday, January 31, 2018 has the State Of The Union and more………

* President Donald Trump gives his first State Of The Union speech and goes over how he sees things in his first year of office. Duke goes over how he did and what he talked about. Fox News Story

* Michigan State University hires former Michigan Governor John Engler as interm President to clean up after the Larry Nassar mess and students backlash. Do they know why they are backlashing?

* Everyone in Metro Detroit has been anxiously awaiting the Unity Dinner and it has been postponed until a better scam errrrr date can be picked. Can we ever expect to actually have unity with PPP and Denny McLain? We can only hope.

All this and more, plus THIS DAY IN HISTORY on Bourbon On The Rocks on FTR Radio.

Opening Night At The DNC

We here at FTR Radio are EXCITED to see what the Democrats are going to roll out in Charlotte over the next couple of days. In that vein  we will be rolling out some commemorative posters that we feel catch the spirit of what the party of Lennin is trying to do.We felt Joe Biden would be a good start

Clint Eastwood was never so right

Democrats Fight Against The Nation’s Most Visible Civil Rights Movement (Not A Repeat From 1964)

By Duane Lester VIA All American Blogger

What is the oldest civil rights organization in America?

Give up? Established in 1871, it’s the National Rifle Association.

Yeah, I know. It surprised me when I found that out too. I never really considered them to be a “civil rights” organization, but they are on the front lines of defending the Second Amendment and constantly under attack by liberals.

When you look at what the Tea Party is fighting for, lower taxes, free markets, the reduction of government’s role and impact in our lives, you can see these are civil rights issues also, making the Tea Party a civil rights movement.

Yet the Tea Party has been maligned by liberals and Democrats. Why? CONTINUE

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