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Occupying Poopstock

By Mark Kalinowski Via Duke Over America

Some commentary regarding the so-called “Occupy” movement, a better name for which is: Poopstock:

* I have zero sympathy for those Wall Street firms that accepted bailout money. And, I also have zero sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street leftists, who pretend to be peaceful but engage in the initiation of force by blocking traffic from using the Brooklyn Bridge. A pox on both their houses.

* The horrendous grandfather who drove his 13-year-old granddaughter to New York so that they could join the violent Occupy Wall Street mob — all so she could experience leftist activism, such as one loser “trying to put a cigarette out on [her] face” — is a perfect symbol of the lunacy supported by prominent Democrats including Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.


Leftist Euphemisms

By Mark Kalinowski via Duke Over America

Leftists are quick to resort to euphemisms, in part because if they were bluntly honest about their anti-liberty agenda, most Americans would be repulsed by their views. Nevertheless, their euphemisms are a source of amusement. For example, when a socialist calls you “racist,” that is merely leftists’ frequent way of saying, “You have out-debated me, and even though you’re not a racist, I’ll call you that anyway because perhaps my hate-mongering will distract stupid people from realizing that I’m totally wrong.” (By the way, another way leftists admit defeat is by pleading, “let’s move on.”) CONTINUE

Arrogant Congresman Refuses to Listen

Democratic Congressman Bill Pascrell Jr. — from New Jersey’s 8th congressional district — claims that he “said to the Tea Party early on, you’re fighting against big government, what would you have done? Would you have recommended to President Bush not to bail out these banks and let the whole thing crash and do nothing? What would you have done? I never got an answer.” Never got an answer?!? How might Pascrell propose that we ought to have let him know our numerous answers??? Perhaps we could show up at his — shamefully, all too infrequent — town hall meetings. Maybe we could host giant rallies in several New Jersey locations and in Washington D.C. on a regular basis. Perhaps pollsters could ask us our opinions, and report them in hundreds of different media outlets. CONTINUE

Uh Oh…What is Sarah Palin up too with this video?

By Thomas LaDuke…. Host of ” Duke Over America” heard here on FTR Radio every Tuesday night at 9 pm EDT

Can you smell the fear?!?!?! Liberals and Peggy Noonan’s head are exploding right now as this video goes viral.

Gov Sarah Palin is up to something with this video and I wonder what it is? I think it only can lead to good things if it is going to drive the libby’s batty.


A Black Elementary School Principal Racially Profiles….ON A FIELD TRIP

By Mark Kalinowski via Duke over America”

Recently, a government-run elementary school in Ann Arbor, Michigan selected a group of about 30 students to go on a field trip. The students were selected based on one key criterion — that they all happened to feature the same politically-correct skin color. Students who lacked this skin color were barred from the trip — essentially, punished for the “crimes” of (for example) Studying While Asian or Studying While White.continue

Scott Walker Flips & Flops on Illegal Immigration…….IN WISCONSIN

By Thomas LaDuke via Duke over America

Now I’m not going to pretend that I know a whole helluva lot about Wisconsin politics. I know I HATE the Green Bay Packers, but I’m a Lions fan and I hate the Pack because they have been successful and the Lions have sucked . I can admit that and I’m kinda ok with my lot in life hating other cities football teams because mine SUCKS.

Now I assume that the fine people of Wisconsin are just like us here in the not so fine state of Michigan. We love our sports teams our families and friends and of course our country. So imagine my surprise when I see a campaign ad about a candidate running for the GOP nomination for Guv in Wisconsin and his criticism of the Arizona Law recently passed continue

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