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Snark Factor With Ed Morrisey

Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy #614 for Monday Dec 15th 2014 has the great Ed Morrisey from Hot Air joining us to talk football, Star Trek and some guy named Ted Cruz.

Also the lovely Laura Fillault fills in for Tracy Connors so check it out


Is Ron Paul a Racist?

From Ed Morrisey at HOT AIR

A very interesting article from Ed over at Hot Air about Ron Paul.

With Ron Paul rising in the polls, the media has begun to cast its attention towards the libertarian GOP Congressman. With Paul rising in the polls, people have begun to ask whether he can win in Iowa and perhaps even New Hampshire. The Washington Post published a mainly positive profile of Paul in today’s paper, calling him “a force to be reckoned with in this presidential cycle,” which is certainly and objectively true. However, it concludes with “There is no Ron Paul 2.0,” which is certainly not true, and until now has hardly been mentioned in this primary campaign — perhaps because until now, no one thought that Paul could win anything. CONTINUE

Great news: OWS now endorsed by both Communist and Nazi Parties

The OWS movement is now supported by Commie’s,Nazi’s and the I hate the Jews crowd. Really, what could go wrong?

Just yesterday, Barack Obama asserted that Martin Luther King, Jr would have supported the Occupy Movement. If so, he would have found himself in the midst of some strange bedfellows: CONTINUE

Gallup: Conservatives fired up, ready to go in midterm elections

Ed Morrisey via Hot Air

Earlier Gallup polls on voter enthusiasm focused on party affiliation, the most recent of which showed an ebbing among Republicans. Today’s report on a two-week Gallup survey broadens the view to ideological identification, and it shows that conservatives have not lost any momentum heading into the midterms. That may be even more troublesome for current Democratic Party leadership than has been assumed: continue

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