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Bourbon On The Rocks, Porch Pod-caster Edition

So Legit

Awwwww YEAH. Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday, February 27, 2018, has this and more.

* Duke posts a question on F.A.I.R. Facebook thread and guess what happens? He gets flack. Now he has been dubbed just a Porch podcaster with no street cred in media. What will our host do?

* One side of the county Duke is no one, on the other side he is now a manipulator of sites he had never heard of until PPP called him out and is proven WRONG AGAIN. See what he is talking about at the latest post at Fraser Mayor

* Chevy Chase was never good but now he is really bad. he gets arrested for pulling the DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM . Who knew he was still around?

Also THIS DAY IN HISTORY and much more on BOTR on FTR.

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Bourbon On The Rocks

Yes, I Am.

Bourbon On The Rocks is back for Monday Feb-26-2018 and this is what Duke is yapping about.

* Duke is BACK after a 7 day facebook jail sentence for posting a picture of the Parkland, Florida shooter. He talks about why FB and Zuck kinda suck.

* Now the kids of Parkland are saying that the Sheriff is not responsible for the dept not following up with the shooter it is the Governor. Why are they saying this?

* Michigan roads are crumbling but it is NOT because of lack of money. Michigan in 2016 passed the LARGEST TAX INCREASE to fund roads. How it is being spent is the question.

Also THIS DAY IN HISTORY and much more on BOTR on FTR.

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Bourbon On The Rocks

I googled “Local Political Activist” and this came up

Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday Jan-30-2018 is in full swing and this is what Duke is talking about.

* President Donald Trump gives his State Of The Union speech tonight and why you should watch it.

* Why are people hating on Tom Brady? Duke talks about the new Facebook Watch series Tom vs Time and why it is a good show to watch and learn.

* Duke gets relegated to a Local Political Activist in the latest Macomb Daily article about the Mayor position in Fraser. Will he recover?

Also THIS DAY IN HISTORY and more fun stuff on today’s Bourbon On The Rocks on FTR Radio.

Bourbon On The Rocks YEAR END

Bourbon On The Rocks is doing what is does for the LAST SHOW OF THE YEAR!!!!

Duke is doing the last THIS DAY IN HISTORY of 2016.

Also Duke is talking about a brand new app SMULE that his friend Jenn wants to use and he is TERRIFIED.

Fraser is STILL sinking (according to RESPECTED MEDIA) and there is a press conference this Sunday to discuss what happens going forward. What will happen?

Also local legend, AMERICAS PLUMBER Tom McCoy went to FACEBOOK disparage your ever so humble host. Duke explains why he messed up but also gives YOU the listener a glimpse of what it is like having the lunch with the MAN.

All this and a lil more on the last Bourbon On The Rocks for 2016.

Bourbon On The Rocks

Bourbon On The Rocks is back for December-29-2016 and Duke has a story to tell.

FACEBOOK decided to lock Duke out of his account for 24 hours for changing his password. What was life like with out it for a WHOLE DAY.

Also Debbie Reynolds passes away one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher passed away from a heart attack suffered on a plane on Dec 23rd. 2016 has been a horrible year for talented people passing away.

Plus the sinkhole in Fraser is slowly getting bigger and so is Joe Nichols head. Is it really fair that only media that Joe approves can be trusted on what is going on? You can bet Duke might have a different opinion.

This DAY IN HISTORY rounds this out so check out the latest Bourbon On The Rocks from FTR Radio.

Extra Shot Of Bourbon


Extra Shot Of Bourbon for Sunday-October-9-2016

Donald Trump stepped in it 11 years ago on a Access Hollywood with Billy Bush and the Donalds HOT MIC moment saying how he liked to “approach” women. Duke goes over how he is a bit surprised that a lot of people who are on his side usually politically are looking the other way in regards to Trump behavior.

Here are some of the links Duke goes over in the show.

The Message We Send by Susie Moore.

Smart Girl Politics Podcast #5 with Teri Christoph, Tami Nantz and Rosa Leonetti.

Washington Post article on Donald and his comments.

Two empty shots upside down and a third one full of liquor.

Two empty shots upside down and a third one full of liquor.

Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy #568

Snark Factor With fingers Malloy for Tuesday, September 16,2014 has Fingers, Sarah Rumpf and Duke welcoming Fox News Contributor Jedediah Bila

*Jedediah talks about living in New York and how much fun it is

*Fingers talks about his upcoming trip to Washington DC and New York

*Fingers home town has a drive thru Funeral Home

Bourbon On The Rocks #6

Bourbon On The Rocks kicks off the week on Monday August 25, 2014 with Duke talking about some of what happened at the past weekends MI-GOP Convention in Novi and will this affect GOP base turnout in November.

Also Rachel Mullen asked the pertinent question who was the greater Rat Pack member, Frank or Dean and get to the bottom of it.


70 Years Ago Today

70 years ago today America and her allies “invaded” a country to free a continent. Those 20 years old “kids” who did that are now 90 year old men. God bless them all and if you are lucky enough to know one of these heroes who served in WW II thank them for defeating evil in their time.

Dday script

Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy #495

The Snark Factor with Fingers Malloy kicks off the week of May 5th with our good friend Cam Edwards host of Cam And Company over at NRA News. Also Fingers talks about why his Monday has sucked and Sarah reveals that if anything is going on in Texas she thinks she needs to be involved. All this and more for Snark Factor on FTR Radio


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