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Bourbon On The Rocks

Such A Costly Wink

Bourbon On The Rocks for Wed June-6-2018 has a stirct no winking policy in effect and all of this…..

* All parties are losing in regards to the Trump/Eagles/NFL flap. Time for everyone to be put in a timeout. Story HERE

* The Macomb Daily article called Judge halts recall effort against Fraser ex-mayor Joe Nichols sums it up perfectly. Ex.Mayor. Duke goes over why this is still a win and why Nichols will never be an elected offical again in the #MeToo era.

Plus THIS DAY IN HISTORY and more right here on BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks April-10-2018

Pull Up A Chair

Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday April-10-2018 has a whole lotta stuff going on.

* First off Donald Trump personal attorney, Michael Cohen, had his office raided yesterday by the F.B.I. Does this mean President Trump is toast or something else? New York Times story

* Duke wrote a pretty straightforward column on a story out of the United Kingdom about China backing up on getting into a trade war with the United States. His latest piece over at Red State called WINNING: China Backs Down On Trade got some people really pissed. Why?

* Also locally, a 16-year-old girl has been charged with a felony for lying to police about a school threat made by another student. Why is this happening? The story here at Macomb Daily

All this and more and dont forget THIS DAY IN HISTORY right here on BOTR on FTR

Bourbon On The Rocks

Consistency….TRY IT

Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday August-24-2017 has Duke a BIT jazzed up.

* First up, someone in a white vehicle with a SPECIAL AGENT hat is harassing councilperson extraordinaire Yvette Foster. Duke explains why that is not cool but who do we know in a white vehicle with a SPECIAL AGENT HAT?

* Also the new recall language is filed and what can we expect?

All this a and a lil bit more on this edition of Bourbon On The Rocks on FTR Radio

Bourbon On The Rocks….Free Speech Is Dead?


Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday April-27-2017 is gearing up for for a fight….and it might involve food.

* First up Duke has an opinion piece that is out over at Press & Guide about the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline. This pipeline already exits and is going to be improved, so what is the problem?

* Ann Coulter had to cancel her speech at Berkeley for today. She felt that her safety was at risk. Duke wonders if free Speech is dead in 2017 America.

Also after a brief visit to city hall on Wednesday the host of this show is dismayed that 3 council people are allowed to gum up everything because they are angry.


Bourbon On The Rocks…United Airlines Sucks Edition

Not So United

Bourbon On The Rocks is blazing on a Wednesday April-12-2017

* United Airlines is wrong. No “If and or butts about it” Duke oges over why that even if what they did was “legal” it is not right and this has to change where the airlines just make it up as they go along to “re-accommodate” someone.

* Also after a the Extra Shot Of Bourbon from yesterday the host is getting wound up and that can mean only one thing. #GreatRadio

All the radio gold here and THIS DAY IN HISTORY on Bourbon On The Rocks on FTR Radio. Listen Learn.Love.

Bourbon On The Rocks

When your Mayor and pals trash cops.

Bourbon On The Rocks is all Fraser being Unprofessional Joe is back at it being an ass and blaming others for it….AGAIN.

Joe and his crew think they demean the cops through the current towing provider. This is what happens when you elect unqualified people to office and Duke tees up on this.

Just listen.

Bourbon On The Rocks

After Another Fraser City Council Meeting

Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday February-10-2017 has Duke in a bind. After a EPIC EXTRA SHOT OF BOURBON where he learns that he is called “dumb” in the nicest possible way he is still feeling the affects for BOTR.

Also a new segment is born called BUDGETING WITH JOE and it has a helluva debut.

Listen and learn.

Bourbon On The Rocks

Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday Jan-19-2017 is on and Duke is not as scared as Capt Kirk is here about Donald Trump being sworn in as the 45th President Of The United States.

* First up prayers up to Pres. George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush as they revocer from a bug in the hospital in Houston, Texas.

* Donald Trump becomes the 45th President Of The United States tomorrow at Noon. Duke talks about why even if you did not vote for Trump ( He didn’t) this is a moment that the WHOLE COUNTRY should be celebrating. The peaceful transfer of power is a marvelous thing to watch.

* How did a lil F.O.I.A. request about towing in the City Of Fraser get so many shares?

Also this Day In History and more for this Thur-Jan-19-2017 edition of Bourbon On The Rocks.

Bourbon On The Rocks

Bourbon On The Rocks is back for December-29-2016 and Duke has a story to tell.

FACEBOOK decided to lock Duke out of his account for 24 hours for changing his password. What was life like with out it for a WHOLE DAY.

Also Debbie Reynolds passes away one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher passed away from a heart attack suffered on a plane on Dec 23rd. 2016 has been a horrible year for talented people passing away.

Plus the sinkhole in Fraser is slowly getting bigger and so is Joe Nichols head. Is it really fair that only media that Joe approves can be trusted on what is going on? You can bet Duke might have a different opinion.

This DAY IN HISTORY rounds this out so check out the latest Bourbon On The Rocks from FTR Radio.

EXTRA Shot Of Bourbon

Awwww it sure is nice to have connections.

On this very special EXTRA Shot Of Bourbon, Duke is going over why some people troll but dont do it well and wondering where all those that are now worried about the acrimony in town….WHERE WERE YOU for really bad people?

All Fraser edition of Extra Shot Of Bourbon on FTR Radio

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