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I Apologize For The Former Governor Of Michigan

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm who knows about giving people the SHAFT ( Having done it for 8 years to the taxpayer in Michigan) give a speech at the DNC in Charlotte and the word will never be the same. Back to the padded room Jen.

Snark Factor 173 with Roger Hedgecock and Dina Fraioli

This episode of the Snark Factor is a doozy kids. Natioanlly syndicated host Roger Hedgecock stops by to shock us with how much a damn gallon of gas in San Diego costs ( THANKS President Obama) and about the liberal war on women. Also political consultant Dina Fraioli stops in to secure the terms of her bet with Malloy on whether or not he can forgo Mountain Dew for a week. Only time will tell. Molly Tecihman and Thomas LaDuke are along for the ride so sit back ad enjoy the quickest 60 minutes in NEW MEDIA.


Rush also thinks Romney won’t be as mean to the President in a general campaign as he is against Newt. Only time will tell.


Rush says he is sick of hearing all the whining about negative ads and specifically calls out Newt to stop whining about them because this is nothing compared to what the left will unleash in the fall.


John Lennon & Imagine…..IT SUCKS

Attention All John Lennon Fans…This one is gonna hurt. We can Imagine no Yoko…it really is easy if you try

By Kurt Schlichter VIA Big HolyWood

In a world of Starland Vocal Bands, Lady GaGas, Bon Jovis, Snoop Doggs and 1910 Fruitgum Companies, it takes real talent to write a song so unbelievably horrible that it transcends mere awfulness and crosses the frontier into a whole new realm of sheer crappiness. An artistic, musical and philosophical failure of staggering proportions, John Lennon’s “Imagine” is the worst song of all time. CONTINUE

Is Ron Paul a Racist?

From Ed Morrisey at HOT AIR

A very interesting article from Ed over at Hot Air about Ron Paul.

With Ron Paul rising in the polls, the media has begun to cast its attention towards the libertarian GOP Congressman. With Paul rising in the polls, people have begun to ask whether he can win in Iowa and perhaps even New Hampshire. The Washington Post published a mainly positive profile of Paul in today’s paper, calling him “a force to be reckoned with in this presidential cycle,” which is certainly and objectively true. However, it concludes with “There is no Ron Paul 2.0,” which is certainly not true, and until now has hardly been mentioned in this primary campaign — perhaps because until now, no one thought that Paul could win anything. CONTINUE

Marco Rubio Keeps Nancy Reagan From Falling

Tea Party darling Marco Rubio captured the hearts and minds of California Republicans this week, with a three-day swing through the Golden State that included a major knight-in-shining-armor moment.
Already a rising star in the Beltway, the trip launched the Florida Senator on to the West Coast Republican establishment. Rubio gladhanded the state’s conservative elite, raised money from top GOP donors, and paid tribute to the ultimate California Republican with a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.


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