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Philly Tea Party Patriots call out Mayor Nutter on illegal immigration

By Aaron Proctor… Host of the ” Aaron Proctor Show” every Tuesday Night at 8 pm EDT ONLY on FTR Radio

Mayor Michael Nutter’s idea of protesting Arizona’s illegal immigration law is making Philadelphia a safe haven for illegal immigrants and other criminals. Just last week, in my neighborhood, human traffickers were busted for holding illegal immigrants captive in a Port Richmond home. These kind of senseless crimes will continue now that Nutter refuses to assist in ridding our City of illegals.Continue

The More We Learn Of Kagan, The More The Left May Hate Her

William Teach via Right Wing News

Her paper trail is somewhat thin, her judicial working experience is basically zero, and she has spent little time in a court room. That said, there is some small bit of knowledge to be gleened, and this first, which comes from the William J Clinton phalis library, one should tick off all the “abortions for all any time any where no matter what” crowd: Elena Kagan Abortion Memo Offers New Look at Nominee. continue

Group Seeks to Get Olbermann ” Thrown Out” as Writer for ‘Hate Speech’

By Lachlan Markay via NewsBusters

An online conservative radio group has started a petition site called Respect the Great Game to get Major League Baseball to drop Keith Olbermann as a contributor to its website.

The administrators of the Respect the Great Game site ask: “Why does Major League Baseball allow an individual who relishes hate speech to be associated with it?” They include a video compilation of some of Olbermann’s more colorful rants to illustrate their point. continue

Pastor Stephen Broden on Michael Steele: “Michael Steele is Wrong.”

From Duane Lester over at Right Wing News

Pastor Stephen Broden said the opening prayer at the Winning America Back event in Independence, Missouri. He’s the Republican candidate for Congress in Texas’ 30th District. I was able to tag along with Jim Hoft and asked him about Michael Steele’s assertion that black Americans didn’t have a reason to vote for Republicans. continue

Name Jenny’s New Show & Win!

Jenny Erikson needs your help…..She needs the name of her NEW show on FTR. Can you help her out???

I really, really love hosting The Smart Girl Report for Smart Girl Politics.

I really, really love interviewing candidates. I think it’s essential that we get to know those running for office before we vote for them.

Unfortunately, the two weren’t meant to live together. Smart Girl Politics is a non-profit organization, and in order to keep everything on the up and up, I’m no longer able to interview and/or endorse candidates on The Smart Girl Report.

I totally understand that. But I’m hesitant to give up a platform that allows candidates to get their message out to the public. And the public is hungry to hear from our guys and girls working to get elected.continue

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