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Bush vs Obama GAS PRICES for Sept 2014

So occasionally we like to check in on what the gas prices were at the same time in Pres. Bush to Pres. Obama time in office. JUST in case our friends that blamed Bush for everything have forgotten a LOT of press was given to how the rising gas prices were linked to Bush and his policies

So for the 68th month of each man’s presidency lets look at the tale of the tape.

Sept 2006 according to AAA gas was$ 2.61 per gallon

Sept of 2014 according to AAA gas was $ 3.43

So Bush was .82 cents cheaper than Obama at the same time in each mans presidency. What was the argument about Bush being the oil guy and his friends making TONS of money off him?

Seems they are making more off the guy that was going to punish them or something.

Go figure


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