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Bourbon On The Rocks

Future Ex Wife Number?

Bourbon On The Rocks for Wednesday May-3-2017 is rolling into mid-week and Duke is popping off.

* Hillary Clinton surfaced with in a CNN Interview and said if the election were held on October 26th she would have won. Really. She said that.

*Then, Andrea Ruth from Red State joins Duke to talk about Hillary Clinton and her assessment that if the election were held on Oct 26th…she would have been more loved and won.

Also a school board proposal was on the ballot last night in the Hamlet and it passed with FLYING colors. What does that mean for the budget here in Fraser?

All this plus THIS DAY IN HISTORY on your favorite late morning show Bourbon On The Rocks on FTR Radio.

Bourbon On The Rocks


Bourbon On The Rocks is BACK for Monday October-10-2016 and oh boy does Duke have a show for you.

So the second of the Presidential face offs happened last night in a debate St Louis style between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump had a VERY bad weekend and came in wounded after audio was released of him saying how he “woos” women. Hillary Clinton had skated pretty much free from criticism after the wiki leaks release of her emails showing she was doing questionable things behind the scenes.

How did Trump do? Did Clinton put the final nail in Trump coffin? Why does Bill look like some women he once had fun with showed up to remind him he is just like Trump…OH WAIT.

Listen in for all the FUN WITH AUDIO clips on this episode of Bourbon On The Rocks on FTR Radio.

Bourbon On The Rocks


Bourbon On The Rocks is LIVE for Wednesday-October-5-2016 and Duke is recapping the THROWDOWN last night in the Vice President debate. Governor Mike Pence and Senator Tim Kaine met for their only debate before November 8 election. How many interruptions were their?

Also what happens if neither candidate actually wins 270 electoral votes? Would the House GOP pick the person who won the most popular votes or just pick someone who didn’t even run?

Also another stellar edition of THIS DAY IN HISTORY where The Beatles debut “Love Me Do” and much much more.

So Sit back with your favorite adult beverage and listen to BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks


Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday-Oct-4-2016 covers some topics that might get Duke killed.

First off Julian Assange just trolled the Presidential election here in America and all the Donald Trump fans heads exploded. Did Hillary get to him first or did he just do the greatest political troll ever? Caleb Howe over at Red State has the breakdown.

Also Mike Pence and Tim Kaine have a Vice Presidential debate tonight. Are you going to watch or would you rather watch paint dry?

All this and of course “This Day In History” on this epic episode of Bourbon On The Rocks ONLY on FTR Radio.

Bourbon On The Rocks


Bourbon On The Rocks is back for Monday-Sept-26-2016 and it was a doozy if a weekend.

Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez and Arnold Palmer passed away along with Vin Scully retiring.

Also some debate is happening tonight between Trump and Clinton. All this plus THIS DAY IN HISTORY.

Bourbon On The Rocks

Duke is talking WATER on this edition of Bourbon On The Rocks for Wednesday September 21 2016.

Water rates are going up in Metro Detroit and in Fraser they are SKYROCKETING. What is the deal? Duke talks about the water meeting that convened last night and was anything solved.

Plus shootings in America and the Presidential debates. What are the candidates saying about these?

All this and MORE for Bourbon On The Rocks on FTR Radio


Bourbon On The Rocks June-30-2016


BOURBON ON THE ROCKS for Thursday June-30-2016 is back with some interesting stuff.First off TRUMP LEADS, Donald Trump takes the lead from Hillary? According to Rasmussen and the Washington Times the Donald has overtaken Hillary for this week. Will it last?

Also gay pride month comes to a end but some pranksters made the hashtag #HeterosexualPrideDay a thing yesterday. Duke breaks down why all these “special months” are way past their time.

Story from USA TODAY

All this and more on BOTR on FTR.


Q With A View #95

Episode 95 of “Q with a View” kicks off with host Susie Moore mourning the loss of the STL Rams. Co-host Jason Dibler shares an awesome story of a proud papa from Parent-Teacher Conferences. They pay their respects to David Bowie and briefly discuss the television series “Sherlock.” The second segment features Susie confessing her fantasy football faux pas, and a more thorough rant on Stan Kroenke and the NFL. They also take a look at the recent mass sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany, and the surprising (and pathetic) response of that city’s Mayor. Lastly, they talk Hillary, Bernie, Donald and the gang as we head into Caucus-Primary Season in earnest. It’s a show full of tears, laughs, indignation…and popcorn. So be sure to click the link and give it a listen – then share it far and wide!

Snark Factor With Tony Katz

Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy on FTR Radio welcomes WIBC morning host and newly minted progressive Tony Katz.

Tony gives his take on….

*Rush being replaced at WIBC

*Hillary being a normal person like most Americans

*His attack on people from Missouri i.e. Duane Lester and who has better hair between the two.

Listen in and join Fingers, Tracy and Duke for this episode of The Snark Factor ONLY on FTR Radio


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