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Top 7 with Jenny and Ashley to Debut on FTR Radio

A new show, Top 7 with Jenny & Ashley will premiere Friday, August 5th, at 3pm Eastern on FTR Radio. Jenny Erikson, along with her co-host Ashley Sewell, will offer fun and informative commentary while reviewing the top seven stories of the week.

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Math is Hard….Just ask a Liberal

By Jenny Erikson via Candid Conservative

As the debate over extending the Bush tax cuts rages on, some people are accusing Republicans of adding to the national deficit by not raising taxes on ‘rich’ people. The icky Republicans want to steal $36 billion and “transfer the bulk of that cash into the pockets of the nation’s millionaires.”

Does anyone take basic math classes anymore? Economics? History?

Who Funds Those Crazy Tea Party Candidates? America Does!

By Jenny Erikson via ” The Stir”

Remember that hit piece on the Tea Party in The New Yorker a few months ago? The whole thing basically said that the billionaire Koch brothers are funding the Tea Party movement. I’m still waiting for my check, by the way.

Lefty liberals know they can’t ignore us crazy conservatives, so they do their best to discredit us. Rachel Maddow calls us tea-baggers. Bill Clinton likens us to domestic terrorists. The NAACP calls us a hate group (which is interesting coming from a group that supposedly fights for equality). President Obama warns of the darker aspects of the Tea Party — and in Rolling Stone magazine, no less!

Liberals love to mock us and positively giggle with excitement over coming up with such eloquent insults as “Mashed up bag of meat with lipstick.” So clever! They insult us in an attempt to convince themselves and all 27 MSNBC viewers that we’re a radical fringe group funded by Wall Street Republicans. Because all those rich New Yorkers with houses in the Hamptons are Republicans (insert eye roll here). CONTINUE

Arizona Strikes Back Over Los Angeles Boycott

Apparently Los Angeles doesn’t like the immigration law in Arizona. Well, at least Mayor Villaraigosa and the city council don’t like it. Recently they voted 13-1 to boycott Arizona in protest over the state’s Constitutional right to enact laws that are supported by a majority of its citizens.

Um, ok.

Arizona is completely within its rights to enact a law that would enable local law enforcement to do the job that our federal government is slacking on — keeping our borders safe. The immigration law in Arizona is almost a carbon copy of the federal law. Let me sum it up — if you want to live and work in America, please do so legally. continue

Elena Kagan for SCOTUS: Not a Battle Worth Fighting

By Jenny Erikson via Cafe Mom

On Monday, President Obama announced his nomination of Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court of the United States. Nine players sit on the bench of the highest court in the land, and they play for life. It’s a more powerful position than behind the desk in the Oval Office when you think about it.

Those nine justices interpret our laws and our Constitution, and the buck stops with them. Because it’s the highest court we have, there’s nowhere to go for an appeal. The process for overturning a Supreme Court decision is messy and sticky and basically next to impossible.

So it stands to reason that we should aim to have wise men and women on that bench (Latina or otherwise). When a sitting justice decides to retire, it’s the President who nominates his or her replacement, and the Senate that confirms the appointment in a confirmation hearing. The last time the Senate denied a nominee was over 20 years ago, with the rejection of Robert Bork, presumably for his conservative ideology. continue

Name Jenny’s New Show & Win!

Jenny Erikson needs your help…..She needs the name of her NEW show on FTR. Can you help her out???

I really, really love hosting The Smart Girl Report for Smart Girl Politics.

I really, really love interviewing candidates. I think it’s essential that we get to know those running for office before we vote for them.

Unfortunately, the two weren’t meant to live together. Smart Girl Politics is a non-profit organization, and in order to keep everything on the up and up, I’m no longer able to interview and/or endorse candidates on The Smart Girl Report.

I totally understand that. But I’m hesitant to give up a platform that allows candidates to get their message out to the public. And the public is hungry to hear from our guys and girls working to get elected.continue

Taxes, Taxes, and More Taxes: When Is Enough, Enough?

Jenny Erikson who hosts ” The Smart Girl Report” here on FTR Radio every Tues night at 10 pm EDT, also writes at Cafe Mom and her latest article is right here…….

I’ve been hearing a lot about the Value Added Tax (VAT) recently. Since he was sworn in, President Obama has done nothing but raise our taxes and entitlements. Over the past year and a half, he has promised more, more, more for Americans, all while our unemployment hangs around 10% and our deficit explodes exponentially. Free health insurance! Free coupons for cars! Free stimulus money in your paycheck! continue

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