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Erik Telford With FTR Radio At DTAD 2013

Fingers Malloy, Donlyn Turnbull and John Brodigan welcome Erik Telford of the Franklin Center to the FTR Radio booth at Defending The American Dream 2013 in Orlando to talk about how we need to do better outreach as conservatives. He also praises Nancy Pelosi for getting heckled at this past years Net Roots explains why he thinks people did not turn out for Romney in 2012 as were expected and how to influence politicians by going around their staff.


Picture courtesy of Jenn Ridgley

Occupying Poopstock

By Mark Kalinowski Via Duke Over America

Some commentary regarding the so-called “Occupy” movement, a better name for which is: Poopstock:

* I have zero sympathy for those Wall Street firms that accepted bailout money. And, I also have zero sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street leftists, who pretend to be peaceful but engage in the initiation of force by blocking traffic from using the Brooklyn Bridge. A pox on both their houses.

* The horrendous grandfather who drove his 13-year-old granddaughter to New York so that they could join the violent Occupy Wall Street mob — all so she could experience leftist activism, such as one loser “trying to put a cigarette out on [her] face” — is a perfect symbol of the lunacy supported by prominent Democrats including Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.


Andrew Breitbart at Defending The American Dream Summit 2011

On Saturday November 5th at the Defending The American Dream Summit presented by Americans For Prosperity Andrew Breitbart of Big Goverment sits down to talk with Teri Christoph of Smart Girl Politics and Thomas LaDuke of FTR Radio to talk about the civil war for the soul of the country between the TEA Party and Occupy Wall-street. He also talks about President Obama, Nancy Pelosi how the OWS protesters treated Michelle Fields from the Daily Caller and Anthony Weiner and him sharing the same restaurant on the previous night.

Pelosi’s Budget Cutting Compromise: Planned Parenthood-PBS Merger?

By Fingers Malloy VIA NewsReal Blog

Secret documents uncovered by have unveiled a plot concocted by Representative Nancy Pelosi to, under the guise of a budget cutting measure, merge Planned Parenthood with the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

The purpose of this maneuver would not only be to secure funding for both entities–but also to begin providing sex education for children as young as two.

When I contacted Rep. Pelosi’s office, her spokesperson, Iva Madetisup, did not deny the existence of a PP-PBS merger plan.CONT

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