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Who’s a Special Interest? You Might be Surprised, Mr. Tea Party

From Pamela Gorman VIA Pundit League

If you spent any amount of time hanging out with folks at Tea Party meetings or online where we gathered in 2010, you would have heard a repeated lamentation. It went something like this…

“Mr. Incumbent doesn’t listen to us! He only listens to the such and such special interest that got him elected with all of their donations and help. Now He’s in their pocket and does their bidding…. Mr. Incumbent marches in lockstep with the orders he takes from the special interest that helped him get into office! We want someone who thinks for himself, not someone in the pocket of special interests!!!! (Applause, roar, harrumph, and more applause).” CONTINUE

A Profile in Excellence: From Pizza to Politics

By Pamela Gorman via Pundit League

I was sick recently and found myself watching a show on the food network that was taking a look inside the Domino’s “30 minutes or less” company heritage. Apparently, they have these annual competitions where fast pizza making employees from all over the world compete for the title as “World’s Fastest Pizza Maker.” I found myself strangely moved by Mr. Tran’s victory, but not just because I love both efficiency and pizza. It was the very real victory he enjoyed. People rushed to embrace him and it looked like he might have even shed a tear.

In a world where you are either keeping up with the Jones’s or trying to justify your worldview, as a global melt down seems to be taking hold, it is refreshing to see humans just celebrating excellence… In whatever it is they do. CONTINUE

Bite Your Lip

By Pamlea Gorman via Pundit League

As an Arizona Senator, I had the benefit of working with state legislators from all over the United States through multi-state policy groups designed to help representatives from each state both do their own jobs better and to better understand what was going on in other sovereign states. Over the years, I apparently became known for immigration policy in many of these settings. Sometimes this was a good thing, other times not so much. CONTINUE

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