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A Profile in Excellence: From Pizza to Politics

By Pamela Gorman via Pundit League

I was sick recently and found myself watching a show on the food network that was taking a look inside the Domino’s “30 minutes or less” company heritage. Apparently, they have these annual competitions where fast pizza making employees from all over the world compete for the title as “World’s Fastest Pizza Maker.” I found myself strangely moved by Mr. Tran’s victory, but not just because I love both efficiency and pizza. It was the very real victory he enjoyed. People rushed to embrace him and it looked like he might have even shed a tear.

In a world where you are either keeping up with the Jones’s or trying to justify your worldview, as a global melt down seems to be taking hold, it is refreshing to see humans just celebrating excellence… In whatever it is they do. CONTINUE

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