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Q With A View #81

In Episode 81 of “Q with a View,” hosts Susie Moore & Jason Dibler talk Colorado vacation, back to school, birthdays and “12 Angry Men.” They’re joined by special guest Scott Dannemiller, who recently authored the book “The Year Without A Purchase – One Family’s Quest to Stop Shopping and Start Connecting.” It’s a great read and Scott had some great stories and reflections to share about their endeavor to stop focusing on THINGS and start focusing on PEOPLE. Susie & Jason also discuss some of the recent goings-on in Ferguson, including the arrival of the Oath Keepers and their plans for an open carry march, as well as the (questionable?) decision by St. Louis County authorities to prosecute reporters who were detained in Ferguson last year. It’s a great show, so click the link and listen!

Q With A View With Demetrius Minor

Episode 63 of Q with a View features hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler, who kick off the show discussing the joys of moving and garage sales, tornadoes, baseball & hockey. Later, they’re joined by special guest Demetrius Minor whose book “Preservation and Purpose: The Making of a Young Millennial – A Manifesto for Faith, Family & Politics” will hit the shelves on April 28th. They discuss his book (along with his love of baseball!) In the third segment, they discuss the growing list of 2016 Presidential hopefuls and ponder the merits of going incognito at Chipotle. It’s a fun show so be sure to click the link and listen!


Q With A View #38

Episode 38 of “Q with a View” features Jason Dibler and Susie Moore discussing Jason’s latest adventures in Texas, Susie’s pride in Cardinal Nation and the Cards’ return to the NLCS. Then they change it up a bit and address some of the lingering tensions in St. Louis between protestors and others. They also discuss the mystery that is the appeal of Lena Dunham and Amanda Marcotte. Finally, they talk about the disturbing case out of Phoenix that bears an eery resemblance to the Justina Pelletier story — only this involves TWO little girls (sisters), 10 and 12, who were seized by a Phoenix hospital and kept from their parents — another medical kidnapping? It’s an interesting AND entertaining hour, so click the link and give it a listen!

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Q With A View #25

In Episode 25 of “Q with a View,” Susie Moore, Jason Dibler and Mark Warner discuss more summer fun, 4th of July celebrations, Cleveland and Germany’s big showing in the World Cup. They also discuss the shooting of INPD Officer Perry Renn and corporate politics and boycotts/buycotts. It’s a great show, so click the link and give ‘er a listen!


Q With A View 4-22-2014

In Episode 15 of “Q with a View,” Susie Moore & Jason Dibler discuss Happy Meals and gender-normative toys, Pop-Tart laws and gun attitudes, OK power grid power grabs & how a prom invite gets twisted into “sexual harassment”. They’re also joined by Cameron Gray of #NRANews to talk about this week/weekend’s NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. It’s a great show – so click the link and listen!!


Q With A View # 11

Episode 11 of “Q with a View” features Mark Warner, Jason Dibler, Susie Moore & Thomas LaDuke talkin’ baseball, basketball, football, and oh, some political stuff, too! Like the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case. They also chat about The Breakfast Club, Frozen and Naked & Afraid. You don’t want to miss this one!


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