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Smart Girl Nation Special Podcast… The Gardasil Controversy

On this special edition of Smart Girl Nation Teri Christoph is joined by fellow smart girl Kathleen Mckinley who lives in Texas and gives her unique perspective on the controversy surrounding Governor Rick Perry and the gardasil vaccination.

Best of ” Matt Lewis And The News” on FTR Radio

Matt Lewis who is a senior contributor at the The Daily Caller also has a podcast that is aired on FTR Radio. Today to we air some of the favorite interviews Matt has done over the past year and a half to help celebrate the release of his new book “The Quotable Rogue” which is about former Alaska Gov Sarah Palin. So kick back and relax and listen to the best of ” Matt Lewis and the News” on FTR Radio and don’t forget to order The Quotable Rogue Right Here

12 pm… Smart Girl Nation with Teri Christoph. Teri interviews Matt Lewis on his brand new book “The Quotable Rogue”

1 pm…Matt Lewis interviews Ann Coulter on her new book “Demonic”

4 pm… Matt interviews former Bush Administration official Karl Rove.

5 pm…Matt interviews comedian Adam Carolla

6 pm… Smart Girl Nation with Teri Christoph

7 pm…Matt Lewis interviews Ann Coulter on her new book “Demonic”

8 pm…Matt interviews former Bush Administration official Karl Rove

9 pm… Smart Girl Nation with Teri Christoph

Right Online 2011 Anita MonCrief

One of FTR Radio’s fav people in the world, Anita MonCrief sits down with Smart Girl Politics Co-Founder Teri Christoph at Right Online 2011

Kathleen McKinley Interviews Mike Williams

Kathleen McKinley from Smart Girl Nation interviews a man running for the Senate Texas seat being vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Texas Railroad Commissioner Mr. Mike Williams.

Name Jenny’s New Show & Win!

Jenny Erikson needs your help…..She needs the name of her NEW show on FTR. Can you help her out???

I really, really love hosting The Smart Girl Report for Smart Girl Politics.

I really, really love interviewing candidates. I think it’s essential that we get to know those running for office before we vote for them.

Unfortunately, the two weren’t meant to live together. Smart Girl Politics is a non-profit organization, and in order to keep everything on the up and up, I’m no longer able to interview and/or endorse candidates on The Smart Girl Report.

I totally understand that. But I’m hesitant to give up a platform that allows candidates to get their message out to the public. And the public is hungry to hear from our guys and girls working to get elected.continue

You Meet the Most Polite Radicals at Tea Parties

From Smart Girl Nation

My arithmetic must be rusty. I went to Monday’s Tea Party Express stop in Buffalo with the intention of tracking the hate speech and incitements to lawlessness that have absolutely, undoubtedly, factually plagued this fringe movement of dim hatemongers since its inception. continue

Does the TEA party movement still matter?

By Laura Adelmann

In the year since the Tea Party emerged through nationwide protests on April 15, it has gained acceptance and garnered criticism. The more the movement has grown, the more liberals and the mainstream media have tried to smother it. However, two recent events may alter the media’s perception of the Tea Party in a slightly positive way. continue

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