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Michigan Gives Up

By T. LaDuke

Just .85 cents worth of difference between these guys Mark Schauer (L) and Gov Rick Snyder (R)

Michigan last night just gave up.

Sorry MI-GOP but it is true. Last night under the leadership of Gov “Relentless Positive Action” you just let the Democrats own you for eternity.

The GOP legislature led by the Guv passed Minimum Wage hike to $9.25 to TRY and prevent a ballot proposal to raise it to $10.10. The spin from the GOP is that the $10.10 increase phased in until 2017 is DEVASTATING to the economy while the $9.25 increase phased in until 2018 will be easier on business. For those keeping score at home that is a .85 cent difference.

They both will kill jobs.

The GOP can’t even participate in a debate about entry level job wages becasue they don’t actually believe what they say during elections about bringing jobs to Michigan. You see the difference between 9.25 and 10.10 is .85 cents. Yet one is palatable for business and the other isn’t if you listen to the spin/dribble from the GOP.

That is really the argument they are making. A .85 cents per hour increase over what they proposed was going to tank the economy. Never-mind that raising the wage at ALL from the current $7.40 up $1.85 a hr is not a great plan either but add on that extra .85 cents and we might become Illinois.

Scratch that. We are Illinois without the Mayor of the largest city who used to do ballet.

Let me real quick do a numbers breakdown for my friends who might not understand why this is bad. Under the 40 hr work week ( Which Obamacare is destroying but that is another post) the current wage of $7.40 a hr produces $15,392 dollars per year. The new GOP rate of eventually $9.25 will produce $19,240 and the one the Dems wanted at $10.10 will be at $21,008. ( I will leave out the auto increases tied to inflation being I don’t want to have a stroke)

So the GOP just supported a additional burden on business of $3,848. Now the argument is that the ballot proposal the Dems wanted will add $5,616 more to business a year so that is REALLY REALLY bad, but business will be able to handle the almost $4000 increase the GOP did becasue????????????? Magic? Love? Pure Michigan ads?

Hell is there any doubt the CEO of Gateway Rick Snyder would pack up and move to China if he were to face this increase? ( See kids that is how mindless rhetoric works and you will never win that unless you fight it)

The GOP braintrust will argue that they got ahead of a bad deal and are saving jobs. All wage increases kill jobs. All. If you can’t have a very public debate about this shame on you. If you do and lose being the ballot proposal passes than the state tanks and your hands are clean. You bury the Dems for a generation and you did it on principle not political expediency becasue there is a election this November and you really want to be liked.

Michigan has done this the past 4 years under Gov Snyder in regards to expanding Government………

Common Core

Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

and a Michigan taxpayer bailout of Detroit

now add passing this min wage hike and it is clear there is no difference between the two parties on substantial issues.

Well maybe a .85 cent difference.

Vote them out.

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