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Q with a View #28

In Episode 28 of “Q with a View,” Susie Moore and Jason Dibler talk to blogger/podcaster Brad Essex regarding his political activism, immigration and the the need for a conservative “big tent.” Susie & Jason also discuss how matchmaking site OK Cupid’s been playin’ games with your heart, the dark spectre of an Ebola outbreak and how Sandra Fluke’s biggest fan is…Sandra Fluke. All that and more — click the link and check it out!


Q With A View #25

In Episode 25 of “Q with a View,” Susie Moore, Jason Dibler and Mark Warner discuss more summer fun, 4th of July celebrations, Cleveland and Germany’s big showing in the World Cup. They also discuss the shooting of INPD Officer Perry Renn and corporate politics and boycotts/buycotts. It’s a great show, so click the link and give ‘er a listen!


Q With A View 5-20-2014

In Episode 19 of “Q with a View,” Susie Moore, Jason Dibler and Mark Warner talk with Missouri State Representative Paul Curtman about his upcoming “Defense of Liberty Dinner” and what the Missouri Legislature has been working on and will be in the upcoming session. They also talk summer travel plans, the Kentucky (and other) primaries, leadership in the Senate, and two interesting lawsuits filed recently: One by Farmers Insurance against Chicago and other municipalities over…Climate Change! And one by former NFL players against the league for injuries about which they claim they were lied to and simply fed painkillers. It’s another great show – so click the link and give it a listen!


Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy #499

On this Snark Factor with Fingers Malloy for Monday May 12, 2014 finds Mr Malloy on assignment so the one and only King of #Caring Mr. Kurt Schlichter joins Sara Rumpf and Duke to talk about why you should never argue with liberals. Just mock them.


Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy #498

On this very special “Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy” Tracy Connors is fired up about libs that think that using a hashtag like #BringBackOurGirls is going to accomplish something and the gang laughs their asses off about Rev Al Sharpton VS The Teleprompter.

Duke also goes over the difference between lib vs conservative women at closing time and why Roger Goodell SUCKS as the NFL commissioner


Q With A View # 11

Episode 11 of “Q with a View” features Mark Warner, Jason Dibler, Susie Moore & Thomas LaDuke talkin’ baseball, basketball, football, and oh, some political stuff, too! Like the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case. They also chat about The Breakfast Club, Frozen and Naked & Afraid. You don’t want to miss this one!


Q with a View 3-18-2014

Episode 10 of “Q with a View” features Jason Dibler, Susie Moore & Thomas LaDuke discussing everything from the Dust Bowl to being boy crazy. They cover St. Paddy’s Day, March Madness, the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case, rising premiums under Obamacare, the missing Malaysian plane, and “McConnelling”. And, in his absence, there’s no shortage of Mark Warner-ribbing. It’s another jam-packed show – give it a listen!


Q With A View Episode 1 – The Debut! 1-8-2014

It’s the debut of “Q with a View”! Host Emeritus Josh Gillespie officially passes the torch to Host Susie Moore. They catch up re: the holidays & the Polar Vortex, discuss the new show and its direction, ponder liberals’ views of conservatives and Frank Luntz’s agony over the current state of affairs in politics. They also talk fatherhood and the ways in which dads are portrayed/perceived.

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Gillespie #100 Smart Girl Summit Recap


This week on “Gillespie” Josh, Mark & Susie recap Smart Girl Summit – 2013 and speak with special guest Cecilia S. Johnson about her SGS experience, thoughts on minority outreach and “HoodCons”. Add in some epic ranting and you have one great show!

Cecilia Special Guest Cecilia S. Johnson

Call Boxes, Safe Zones and Whistles PREVENT Rapes.

State Rep Joe Salazar from Colorado thinks that instead of guns to protect you that Call Boxes, Safe Zones and whistles will help keep a thief or rapist away from you. He forgot the new magic wand made by Wish Bad People Didn’t Exist Inc.

He is a Democrat by the way.

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