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Snark Factor With Ted Cruz

A Defending the Dream Summit wrap up with guest, Republican Presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz.


Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy & Caleb Howe

Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy for Monday March 23,2015 has special guest Caleb Howe joining us to talk about why Ted Cruz should run or not run.

Also we go over why Fingers does not go into the ocean for fear of Jelly & Fish and why Peter King should just jump off a bridge anyway.

Snark Factor Podcast Art

Snark Factor Dec-16-2014

Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy #615 for Tuesday Dec 16, 2014 has Fingers ripping on his local school board for a idiotic plan to bus his youngest daughter across town. Also Amy Miller wonders aloud why Fingers doesn’t run for school board and change the whole system.

Al;so was Doctor Detroit and good movie and is Fran Drescher hot? All this and more on the Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy ONLY on FTR Radio

Snark Factor With Ed Morrisey

Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy #614 for Monday Dec 15th 2014 has the great Ed Morrisey from Hot Air joining us to talk football, Star Trek and some guy named Ted Cruz.

Also the lovely Laura Fillault fills in for Tracy Connors so check it out


Which One is RIGHT about Senator Ted Cruz?


Senator Ted Cruz. He has opinions and boy do people have opinions about him.

Our friends over at Pocketfull Of Liberty just published two different opinions pieces on the Senator from Texas

Neal Dewing writes Point: Ted Cruz, The Queen of Summertime

and Jay Caruso responds with Counterpoint: The GOP Needs Ted Cruz

Read both and vote in the poll below on who you think is right.

Pocketcast Of Liberty… Point- Counterpoint on Sen. Ted Cruz
I Agree With “Point: Ted Cruz, The Queen of Summertime”
I Agree With ” Counterpoint: The GOP Needs Ted Cruz”
I Could Care Less

Poll Maker

Senator Ted Cruz…Carrying On The Fight In 2014

I kinda get the feeling that Sen Cruz actually believes this stuff and is not a election year believer.

Fighting for what is right based on principle and not just a paycheck is always hard. Glad there are people willing to do this.

” Freedom Minute” With Sen Ted Cruz

This is a new feature by Texas Sen Ted Cruz called “Freedom Minute” This time Sen Cruz talks about how Texas is leading the nation in job creation and it’s western neighbor California and for that matter the rest of the nation could learn a thing or two from the Lone Star State.


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