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Duke Over America 1-07-2013

First Duke Over America for the New Year on the Mighty FTR Radio. Duke gives a tribute to those who passed on in 2012. Also talks about “The Dick Armey” and his running of his mouth to left wing organizations and why Jennifer Granholm REALLY left Current TV after the Al Jazzy purchased them.

Andrew Breitbart at Defending The American Dream Summit 2011

On Saturday November 5th at the Defending The American Dream Summit presented by Americans For Prosperity Andrew Breitbart of Big Goverment sits down to talk with Teri Christoph of Smart Girl Politics and Thomas LaDuke of FTR Radio to talk about the civil war for the soul of the country between the TEA Party and Occupy Wall-street. He also talks about President Obama, Nancy Pelosi how the OWS protesters treated Michelle Fields from the Daily Caller and Anthony Weiner and him sharing the same restaurant on the previous night.

Smart Girl Nation Special Podcast… The Gardasil Controversy

On this special edition of Smart Girl Nation Teri Christoph is joined by fellow smart girl Kathleen Mckinley who lives in Texas and gives her unique perspective on the controversy surrounding Governor Rick Perry and the gardasil vaccination.

The Undefeated ….A Film By Steve Bannon

Today in theaters across the country ” The Undefeated” the brand new movie by Steve Bannon about Governor Sarah Palin opens nationwide. To help celebrate we are replaying some of the interviews that FTR Radio hosts have had with Steve Bannon over the past month talking about this movie and other projects he has done. Make sure to catch these interviews below and go see “The Undefeated” at a theater near you soon!!!

Noon… Teri Christoph of Smart Girl Politcs interviews Steve Bannon
1 PM …Matt Lewis of The Daily Caller interviews Steve Bannon
4 PM….Ben Howe of Red State interviews Steve Bannon
5 PM …Teri Christoph interviews Steve Bannon
6 PM …Matt Lewis interviews Steve Bannon
7 PM …Ben Howe interviews Steve Bannon
8 PM….Teri Christoph interviews Steve Bannon
9 PM….Ben Howe interviews Steve Bannon

Right Online 2011 Tony Katz

Tony Katz from PJTV stops by the FTR Radio booth to talk with Paul Croteau, Fingers Malloy and Teri Christoph at the Right Online 2011 conference

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