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Bourbon On The Rocks


Et Tu Donald?

Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday-Oct-11-2016 is rocking and Duke is ready to save……..Billy Bush.

Donald Trump had a great debate performance Sun night after the leaked audio of he and Billy Bush talking about sexual exploits. Yet America for the most part has let “The Donald” move on but Billy Bush was suspended by the Today show and NBC for the incident that happened 11 years ago when Billy was at Access Hollywood. Is that fair? Duke thinks…..

Also this Day In History and a Extra Shot Of Bourbon coming later today.

So tune in to Bourbon On The Rocks on FTR Radio.

Extra Shot Of Bourbon


Extra Shot Of Bourbon for Sunday-October-9-2016

Donald Trump stepped in it 11 years ago on a Access Hollywood with Billy Bush and the Donalds HOT MIC moment saying how he liked to “approach” women. Duke goes over how he is a bit surprised that a lot of people who are on his side usually politically are looking the other way in regards to Trump behavior.

Here are some of the links Duke goes over in the show.

The Message We Send by Susie Moore.

Smart Girl Politics Podcast #5 with Teri Christoph, Tami Nantz and Rosa Leonetti.

Washington Post article on Donald and his comments.

Two empty shots upside down and a third one full of liquor.

Two empty shots upside down and a third one full of liquor.

Snark Factor With Col. Rob Maness

Colonel Rob Maness ( Retired United States Air Force) joins us on the Snark Factor on Tuesday January 26,2016 to let us know about his big announcement on the following day about his plans for the Louisiana Senate Race this year.

Check out the interview and his website right here at Rob Maness

Rob Maness


Red State Weekly Briefing 6-22-2014

Red State Banner

Welcome to the RedState Weekly briefing for June 22, 2014. This week we will discuss embattled Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, the Mississippi Senate primary, the ISIS advance to Baghdad, the IRS scandal and more.

Hosted by Aaron Gardner Manging Editor at Red State and Thomas LaDuke of FTR Radio

Red State Weekly Briefing 6-15-2014

The “Red State Weekly Briefing” is back for Jun 15, 2014 Fathers Day edition. This week Aaron Gardner and his co hosts Caleb Howe, Joe Cunningham and Thomas LaDuke.


THIS is a loaded show of “The Snark Factor”

First the News Ninja himself Mr Wayne Dupree stops by to talk about the attacks that he and Raffi Williams of the RNC endured last week at the twitter act of Jamilah Lemieux of EBONY magazine.

Also Fox News Contributor Monica Crowley joins us to talk about her podcast now being produced by FTR Media and also about Russia and Iran.

All this and more with Sarah Rumpf and Duke along for the fastest 57 min in LIVE radio


Snark Factor 174 with Michelle Malkin

On Tues night one of the best and brigtest conservative writers out there , Michelle Malkin joined us on The Snark Factor to talk about her new website Twitchy, her thoughts on the primary battle and Andrew Breitbart. As always on Tuesday Amy Miller and Thomas LaDuke are along for the ride so sit back and enjoy the quickest 60 minutes in New Media.

Snark Factor 173 with Roger Hedgecock and Dina Fraioli

This episode of the Snark Factor is a doozy kids. Natioanlly syndicated host Roger Hedgecock stops by to shock us with how much a damn gallon of gas in San Diego costs ( THANKS President Obama) and about the liberal war on women. Also political consultant Dina Fraioli stops in to secure the terms of her bet with Malloy on whether or not he can forgo Mountain Dew for a week. Only time will tell. Molly Tecihman and Thomas LaDuke are along for the ride so sit back ad enjoy the quickest 60 minutes in NEW MEDIA.

Snark Factor 172 with Kurt Schlichter

On this episode of The Snark Factor with Fingers Malloy Mr Kurt Schlichter joins the show to talk about re launch of Breitbart sites, this weekends DJ Breitbart tribute on twitter and he goes into why you should pay for your contraception. WARNING..if you have never heard Kurt be prepared…you will laugh, if you don’t there is something wrong with you. Also a Faux Arron Neville tribute to International ladies day and Paul Croteau chimes in with this week in history. Sarah Rumpf of Sunshine State Sarah and Thomas LaDuke are along for the ride for this Thursday March 8.2012 episode of the FASTEST 60 minutes in New Media.

The Snark Factor #169. Malloy Meltdown edition

Fingers Malloy goes on a epic rant against the hypocrites on the left and in defense of Patricia Heaton, Rush Limbaugh and David Limbaugh. Brandon Morse from Misfit Politics stops in to talk about the awesome VIDEO tribute to Andrew Breitbart and we tackle a not so brilliant former Air America host Mike Malloy who thinks People Dying in tornadoes is funny or something in relation to their Christianity. Also we learn that Luke Russert of PSNBC is not a chip off the old block. All this and more in the fastest 60 minutes in New Media.

Radio Clip Courtesy of The Radio Equalizer with Brain Maloney

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