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Bourbon On The Rocks…Sally Kohn Gets Ripped

Oh Sally…….You Are SILLY!!!!!!

Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday February-16-2017 is just packed with stuff about stuff.

* First up the always amusing ( non intentionally) Sally Kohn tweeted the above tweet yesterday and hilarity ensued. When will Sally and her pals get over the butt hurt of Hillary losing ( again) and always just being second fiddle to Bill? Will it be this century?

*Morning Joe’s very own version of Sally Kohn, Mika Brzezinski, made the announcement that Presidential adviser Kellyanne Connway is no longer allowed on the MSNBC gab fest. A.) Should Kellyann care? B.) Why does Mika fear Kellyann?

*Was recently revealed that Detroit Tigers owner Mike Ilitch, who just passed away had paid for civil rights icon Rosa Parks rent for 10 years after she was robbed. Mr I was truly a class act.

All this plus THIS DAY IN HISTORY and today’s version of Bourbon On The Rocks on FTR Radio.

Bourbon On The Rocks


Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday, December-16-2016 is talking about a whole lotta things and this show just flies by way too fast.

First off, Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy fav. guest Monica Crowley joins the Trump administration on the National Security Council and what a great pick she is.

Also a group led by Martin Sheen ( who played a bad fictional President) called Unite For America are trying to rewrite not only the 2016 election results but to alter our understanding of how the ELECTORAL COLLEGE was created. Duke plays the latest commercial from this group and breaks it down.

Possibly Eagle Rare Bourbon is in the mix

Plus this DAY IN HISTORY and more for Bourbon On The Rocks on FTR Radio.

Juan Williams steps in the proverbial poo criticizing Ann Romney

From Twitchy

Something smells here and we figured it out. Juan Williams stepped in it by saying Ann Romney is just a ‘Corporate Wife” who doesn’t understand the struggles of everyday women.

Juan is conducting his own War on Women. Good luck with that pal. Good thing Fox is not politically correct like NPR


Michelle Malkin stops by to chat with Fingers Malloy of FTR Radio at Right Online 2012 hosted by Americans For Prosperity in Las Vegas, Nevada to talk about her speech to the conference and how conservatives are surging in new media and why she is just amused to be called “Just A Blogger” by the likes of Juan Williams.

Snark Factor 174 with Michelle Malkin

On Tues night one of the best and brigtest conservative writers out there , Michelle Malkin joined us on The Snark Factor to talk about her new website Twitchy, her thoughts on the primary battle and Andrew Breitbart. As always on Tuesday Amy Miller and Thomas LaDuke are along for the ride so sit back and enjoy the quickest 60 minutes in New Media.

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