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Bourbon On The Rocks

Happy Birthday to THIS GUY

Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday Feb-5-2018 has all this and more.

* First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Larry. He is still a yungin and his hair is AMAZING.

* Super Bowl LII is over and it was a helluva game but Duke is talking and wondering about these issues and more………….

* The N.F.L. FINALLY got it right and had some true American heroes on the field pre game led by a Marine who fought on Iwo Jima, Mr. Wody Willimas.

* Why do so many people hate Tom Brady? Is it because he is that good?

* This Super Bowl had everything in it including the Philadelphia Eagles who believe that talking about Jesus Christ was cool.

* The Super Bowl ads were mostly blah but Tide and SPAM stood out. Really. SPAM.

* No one knows how to RIOT like Philly and Duke narrates some highlights of Philly being Philly here

All this PLUS another stellar THIS DAY IN HISTORY for Bourbon On The Rocks on FTR Radio.

Bourbon On The Rocks

Brad Manning Runs For Office…in heels.

Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday Jan-16-2018 is up and ready for……..

* Bradley Manning who plays Chelsea Manning in the real world soap opera “WTF Is Wrong With The World” has decided to run for Senate in Maryland. Just when you thought the 2016 election cycle was weird…2018 is getting ready to top it.

* Singer for the Cranberries, Dolores O’ Riordan has died at age 46 and Duke talks about her amazing voice.

* Joe Nichols continues his meltdown and a new video has emerged from the new Bourbon On The Rocks you tube page.

All this and MORE for BOTR on FTR today.

World War II Marine John O Leary Turns 100

This World War II vet, John O’ Leary turned 100 years old on Dec-23. The United State Marine Corp put out a video honoring him and his service.

As of 2:27 on Thursday-Dec-29-2016 on this you tube channel only 3 people had viewed this video.

Please take a moment to view this and honor a hero who has lived an exceptional 100 years and served his country faithfully.

Obama Brews Better Beer Than George Washington

Aside from the fact that George Washington NEVER LIVED in the White House that is not going to stop Americas hipster President Barrack Obama from claiming he is the first to brew beer there since Washington.

Also why have Savannah Guthrie get boozed up before the interview? You know she is just drunk being around the POWER of you Mr President.

#Centcom gets hacked

Not a good way to start of the week.

The United States Central Command (CENTCOM) Twitter account has been hacked by apparent ISIS sympathizers. The CENTCOM YouTube page has also been hacked and currently is hosting two ISIS recruitment videos.

From our friend Caleb Howe over at Truth Revolt

So being President Obama did NOT go to Paris for the march of unity why are the radicals still picking on us. I thought I red somewhere that ALL WE HAD TO DO WAS BE NICER and all this would stop.

Guess not.

Don Lemon…BITE IT

Don Lemon of CNN gives his advice on how not to be raped via oral sex. No other comment is really necessary.


Snark Factor #592 Mike Tyson Edition

Fingers Malloy and Tracy Connors wonder what Duke is smoking as he declares that Mike Tyson was not all that tough and Julie Borowski stops by to talk about being a libertarian today and how to handle men acting jerks in public.



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